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Jul 7, 2011 03:09 PM

Boylan's Mash soda

My wife is obsessed with this soda. Does anyone know a spot in the Raleigh/Durham area where I can buy it in a supermarket type setting (i.e. not individually)?

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  1. I looked on the Boylan's site - they have a list of where to get their sodas.

    Curiously, I did not see a "Mash" soda on the products section.

    What is it?


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    1. re: Westy

      Mash isn't really soda - it's a lightly carbonated flavored water drink. That being said, they are VERY good! The blood orange tastes similar to Orangina, the citrus tastes like a more flavorful Fresca and the other 2 flavors (ginger lemon and blueberry pomegranate) are quite tasty. They aren't made with HFCS so they are very light and refreshing.

      Anyway, you don't even see it too frequently here in the northeast (where Boylan's is located). Mostly in delis, pizza places or other stores like that with a refrigerated drink case. There is a Restaurant Depot in Charlotte, NC that might carry cases, or maybe your local supermarket or a beer distributor could order a case for you.

    2. I am almost sure I saw Boylan Products at the Red Hill General store in the Falls River Town Center on Durant Road. Give them a call and check for this variety. 1-800-251-8824