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Jul 7, 2011 02:36 PM

Driving from Orlando to NY and looking for must-see BBQ, bakeries and ice cream shops


We are driving from Orlando to Manhattan and would like to stop at famous/must see BBQ spots, old fashioned ice cream spots and bakeries. Would love to hear from you all your opinion!


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  1. First, do a search...some variation of this question ia asked and answered weekly.

    Whats your route? I-95? If so, I'll start by suggesting Sweatmans BBQ in Holly Hill,SC. You should also post this on the Mid Atlantic board for VA, PA, etc.

    1. yes we need way more information than that...
      just along the route?

      i would start in each section of CH along the way i am going..
      then also check yelp and

      1. The French Pantry in Jacksonville is a short drive off the interstate. Plan on passing through Jacksonville before 11 AM and get in line for the best bakery and lunch spot.

        1. The Pit in Raleigh, NC. For BBQ, Ed Mitchell is one of the countries best pit masters if not the best. He's been in almost every culinary magazine in the country,

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          1. re: ChefDutch

            Ed Mitchell is no longer at The Pit, and Raleigh is a long way off I-95.

            1. re: Cdawg123

              Nor would anyone mistake him for the best pitmaster in the country, but I digress...

          2. Sorry, yes we are traveling I-95 through DC and staying there overnight. Then on our way to Manhattan! Looking for anything within 20-30 tops off the interstate. Thank you!