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Jul 7, 2011 02:35 PM

Vintage Mom used to wear

I wish I could find those classic aprons that tied at the waist that Mom used to wear with her Tahitian pearls, pumps and a pencil skirt while cooking..
Love girlie and frilly with fab cotton.
Any of you have some of these classic beauties?

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  1. I don't have a frilly one like you describe. But for my birthday, my sister bought me something that I've wanted for years ever since I read about it. An actual flour sack apron! It's just fabulous. It's a pretty print too. The cotton (?) is soooo soft. Only down side is that it has no pockets. A small inconvenience.

    1. I do. They are fun for cocktail parties when some sort of apron is needed but aestetics are wanted, too. Check Ebay for vintage ones, and Etsy for reproductions.

      1. I have inherited several of them from both my Mom and my Grandma. I feel like *Lucy* when I wear one. I have late-model heavy-duty aprons that I wear when doing some heavy baking, etc., and save the vintage ones for setting the table for company and completing a meal before guests arrive. I'm an antique collector and have seen many lovely aprons in antique stores. You might start your search there. And they aren't that spendy.

        1. Seen someat Sur La Table.

          1. Thanks everyone...vintage aprons that Mom had ranged from her moods of frilly, goofy, cocktail hour, corporate, holiday and they were all so beautiful made..
            I couldn't imagine wearing pumps, pearls all gussied up cooking like she did...ugg boots, yoga pants and vintage t-shirt for me..

            I'll check Etsy/Ebay and the thrift stores in high end areas.