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Jul 7, 2011 02:01 PM

Need ideas for quick lowcarb dinners using primarily whole foods

My husband and I try to eat lowcarb/paleo-ish most of the time (I say paleo-ish because we do use dairy some). We love to cook and have plenty of good recipes in our repertoire, but being foodies they usually end up being pretty complex/time-consuming. We're so busy that when we don't have time to do a big production we end up doing takeout. I'd like to start minimizing that. We do already do a lot of grilling - right now our summer easy go-to dinner is grilled meat of some kind with a side salad or veggie.

But I'm looking for some kitchen recipes that are yummy enough for foodies, but pretty quick, and use whole foods (and avoid grains, sugar, etc.). Or even just some non-recipe ideas. Thanks for any help!!

(We've also got two teenagers...they sometimes eat here, sometimes not...but they're not very picky, so they'll usually eat whatever we eat as well)

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  1. How 'bout brown stew, chili, cioppino, or stir fry? (In case you can't tell, I'm a huge fan of one-vessel meals). If eggs are allowed on Paleo, quiche or its many relatives may work too.

    1. Are you okay with marinade and ahead-of-time prep time? I like thinnnnnly sliced pork loin bulgogi on the grill. Takes about 3 minutes to cook. Pair with a quick stir fry or bok choy? You can also saute the bulgogi if you don't want to grill. It's a little saucier that way.

      Also, this Mongolian beef is embarrassingly good and doesn't take long. I've actually shortened the recipe if you want my variation:

      I also like to grab a packet of ground chicken, throw in a ton of spices and an egg, and make chicken patties. You can go almost any flavor with those.

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        The mongolian beef has a lot of sugar to be considered low carb, no?

        When you say meat on the grill are you including seafood? I love shrimp or scallop kabobs including the veggies on the kabobs.