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Jul 7, 2011 01:55 PM

Costco - Wines

Does this go on chains, wine or not about food? Mods feel free to move.

Has anyone seen any particularly good wine finds/prices at Costco? Please advise Costco location, wine and price if possible. I guess with Costco's return policy I could just try and return some, but it's about a 20+ min drive for me so I would rather not gamble.

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  1. Costco doesn't allow returns on alcohol.

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      Interesting. I saw someone returning a case of the same wine, but I guess they only refunded the price of the unopened bottles?

    2. Costco's wine stock is generally a good value, some stores have a better regional selection. I've had great luck with the selections, Costco also posts several of the ratings such as Wine Spectator and Parker's on the displays. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase.

      1. I used to have a site bookmarked that had rated finds at all the chain stores, but it seems to be gone. Here's a blog devoted to Costco wines that purports to be 100% independent.

        Let us know if you find any of the recs worthy.

        1. Recently bought the Swanson Alexis cab blend at Tallahassee store for $60. A great deal. And I have returned wine to them with no problem in the past.

          1. Our friends in California gave my wife and I a bottle of KIrkland Chardonnay from the Napa Valley.
            It was really quite nice, and we were suprised that it only cost $17.