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Jul 7, 2011 01:26 PM

2 ft Long Pasta Noodles

Does anyone know where to buy the extra long (2ft) pasta noodles? I don't mind ordering them. I cannot find them anywhere!!!

Thank you,
Mary Ann

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  1. You are in luck my friend-...nobody could help me when I went looking for these years ago. Then, as a fluke- tader Joe's carried them dor a few months...alas no longer. In Chicago- off of Taylor Street is Conte De Savoi (sp) A TRUE Italian Grocer- a 3lb bag of super long noodles run around $8 here's the link (I just called them to make sure they had them in) Enjoy!

    1. ah...that would be "Trader" Joe's and "for" a few months... old eyes- slow fingers- tiny little keys...