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Jul 7, 2011 01:02 PM

A few questions about Staub cocotte

I have been deliberating for a few months now to buy a cocotte (round or oval). I was torn between Le Creuset and Staub and have finally decided to go with Staub. I prefer the cherry red or the grenadine colour.

I have checked the Staub website and the PDF catalogue that it shows there is from 2009. There isn't a newer one by the looks of it. Is Staub website not being updated anymore following their acquisition by Henckel? I have checked the latter's website and they don't seem to have a newer catalogue either.

I have seen a 37cm oval cocotte in cherry red for sale in an online store however according to the 2009 catalogue on the Staub website the Vitamins (funky colours) do not come in sizes larger than 33cm. Is this the case whihc means that the 37cm cherry oval cocotte is a counterfeit? Or has Staub brought out a 37cm cherry oval cocotte since then?

Also when I look at the pictures of cherry red cocottes on google some of them show the pans as one solid colour which is the same all over the pot and some others show them as a nice two toned colour. Is this just a picture fault? Are all the Staub cherry red cocottes in a two toned colour?

Sorry about all the questions but just want to make sure what I am buying before I splash all that money.

PS: I have attached two pictures below which demonstrate the colour comparison.

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  1. Hi. I can't help you on the issue of weather the color is solid or gradient for the cherry, but I can tell you that there is an online retailer that offers the cherry 6 qt oval cocotte with 2 free mini cocottes. That is a good deal because those mini ones are $50 each. I think it is cutlery and more that has it. I don't think they are counterfeit, there are a lot of pieces I see on other websites that are not on the staub website. I have the grenadine and is is a beautiful color. Mine is a 6qt oval with the rooster knob. There are also sites that have the grenadine with the 2 bonus cocottes, but it was sold out everywhere I looked.
    If you decide to go with the grenadine, chefsresource has a 6.5 round at a promo price of $199. That is where I ordered mine from. Whatever color you decide to go with, you will be happy with the performance and the beauty. I am trying to find an excuse to but something in graphite or basil. Maybe blue too, lol.

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      Also try calling the Williams Sonoma outlets. They have a brickish red, but if they have the size you want you will get a much better price on it. Be aware that the LC outlets have a 35% off sale now with free shipping I think, if you're still willing to consider LC.

      1. re: blondelle

        Thank you very much for your replies. Those prices sound very good indeed but unfortunately I live in the UK which means that i can only dream of prices like that. (
        I haven't posted in the wrong board have I?). The cheapest I have found a 30cm round cocotte in the UK is £195 ($300) and a 37cm oval cocotte £245 ($370).

        I absolutely adore the grenadine colour but it seems to be slightly more expensive than the rest of the colours. And I must admit that the basil colour looks very nice indeed.

        I have decided to get a 30cm round for everyday use (stews, etc) and a 37cm oval for cooking large joints of meat or whole chicken in the oven.

        1. re: iliria

          Check out this site. Their prices are lower than what you quote.

          1. re: iliria

            The 2 places I mentioned ship internationally, but I don't know what the cost would be.

      2. I have the Staub braiser in Cherry Red and it is two tone, similar to the picture on the right in your post.

        This is the newest listing Are you sure it's not a typo and it's a 31 cm rather than a 37 cm?

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        1. re: mikie

          Well I stumbled upon the French Staub website yesterday and according to it the cherry and grenadine and some other color do come in 37cm sizes so that has confirmed my doubts regarding size.

          Here's the website

          I'm thinking that the fact that some of the pictures show the pot as a single solid color means that the lighting when the photo was taken is the culprit.

          1. re: iliria

            Have you ever lifted a Staub? It's even heavier than LC and the 37 cm size is a monster. I can't lift it empty, let alone filled with food. Please consider that, as if you can't manage the pot it won't get used. It's about 20 lbs. empty and 36 lbs. with 8 qts or food in it!

            1. re: blondelle

              I've never lifted one. I own a Le Creuset wok but I realise that the Staub is a lot heavier than that. The weight doesn't bother me too much though since I'm a 34 year old guy, don't smoke and go regularly to the gym. As long as it fits in a normal oven that is fine with me. The reason I am going for a 37cm Staub is so that I can cook a large meal when in-laws and other family come around (things like whole chicken or a large roast joint with vegetables in it). We're a family of 4 (soon to be 5 :) ) so most of the time I won't be filling it up that much.

              1. re: iliria

                A good sized chicken with fit in a 6-7 qt. oval or round. Most chefs roast a large piece of meat with veggies in a roasting pan and crimp a layer or two of heavy duty foil around the pan. That's also what they do in restaurants. Using a pan that size for smaller roasts your juices with dry out on the pan bottom and you will have too much liquid if you braise a smaller amount as you would need a lot of liquid around it. I just don't think it's a practical size for daily use as your only one.

                1. re: blondelle

                  Well, it looks like it's better if I start with a smaller one and then see if in the future I would need a larger one or not.

                  At the moment I do have a round 26cm stainless steel pan that I use on a daily basis. It is a good size but sometimes I feel that a slightly bigger pan would be better. Would a 28cm round be a good starter?

                  Also does the shape (oval or round) make any difference or play any role?

                  1. re: iliria

                    The 6qt oval is a good size, in my opinion. The shape best for you I guess depends on how you will use it. I think the oval is more diverse because it is good for oblong cuts of meat as well as shorter cuts. I have no problems with using it on the stove or the oven, but if you will be using it on the stovetop more often, round might be better since it won't overhang the burner. I haven't cooked a chicken in mine yet, but one definitely would fit. I have cooked chuck roast with veggies, beef stew, pork shoulder roast, no knead bread, soups, etc....I have never felt it was too small.

                    1. re: ShawnPA

                      I've pulled the plug and purchased a 28cm Grenadine Staub from Amazon UK. The price is good but I have to see what turns up. The reason I say that is because the listing and item description both say it's grenadine but the picture (which is generic) shows a grey pan. Here is the link:


                      The other funny thing is that the Product features describes it as "mini cast iron" and the Product Details says it weighs 8 Kg and further down the Product Description says it's 6.5 quart.

                      All of it is conflicting info so I have to wait and see what turns up. lol

                      I'm sure at that price it won't be a mini but if it turns up not grenadine color then it's definitely going back.

                      1. re: iliria

                        I think you will be amazed how much food you can get in a 28 cm pot. I have the 26 cm and 30 cm, 5 and almost 9 quart respectively and only use the 30 when very large portions are being made. My girls have 31 cm oval Coq au vin cocottes which are just under 6 quarts and they hold a great deal of food. A 5 lb roast is no problem even for the 26 cm cocotte I have.

                        1. re: mikie

                          You were right. The 28cm cocotte really does fit quite a bit in it. it is perfect for a family of 4-6. Well worth the money.