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Jul 7, 2011 12:51 PM

Why do I do this?

Walk along the street, see a nice looking restaurant, I go in without first checking Chowhound & eat a highly disappointing meal. I know i should check CH first, but I don't. Most recent disappointment was at Momo's on Harbord. Nice patio. Terrible food.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm sure this has happened to most of us on these boards. But, from time to time, we all hjt on a previously undiscovered gem too.

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      1. re: Big Kahuna 1

        It's like roulette, where the odds are clearly against you.. Most often, the resto is neither here nor there, or - in your case - below mediocre. But people play roulette anyway, just for the thrill of the action and the chance of beating the odds. And when they do score big, they forget all the times they didn't. Just a few weeks ago, I stumbled into a Middle East resto that I'd never heard of. But it was lunch time, it was in a part of town I rarely visit (Steeles Ave. west of Dufferin) - and it was handy. Best Grill - unprepossessing name, that, in an unprepossessing plaza - is one helluva good joint. First-rate, more-flavorful-than-most lentil soup. One of best falafel sandwiches I've had in Toronto, with loads of free, tasty add-ons. More than makes up for three previous strike-outs around town. Innovative menu, too, with items far beyond the usual Middle East standard - items that I'll take a shot at next time I find myself up that way.

      2. I say good for you. It's always fun to try a place, unknown, for the heck of it. Hits and misses.

        1. What did you have? Their falafels are very good, the dips nicely flavoured, and the breads are housemade. Also very good Turkish coffee. I've been numerous times and never had a bad experience. There are some silly western sides on the menu, but most people see through that.

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          1. re: Snarf

            I went to Momo's a handful of years ago with one other diner. We shared a vegetarian mixed plate, had soups and grape leaves. I recall nothing being remarkable, having to beg for water, stale pitas and a pretty oily veg plate. At the time, I thought I had read decent things about Momo's, but we left unimpressed.

            I have to agree with juno, EarlyDrive and Big Kahuna 1, though. Stumbling upon an unknown gem is very rewarding. It erases experiences at a) little known but better left that way places AND recommended places that sorely disappoint on your particular visit.

            1. re: 1sweetpea

              I've had plenty of pleasant, quick lunches there, but it's certainly not something I'd recommend as a destination on Chowhound. It's not a hidden gem, it's just a neighbourhood joint with hit and miss home cooking.

          2. Don't beat yourself up over it. Remember, one of the original goals of CH was to get people AWAY from their safety nets of Zagat Survey and magazine/newspaper reviews. Now that it's grown exponentially, maybe that notion should be extended to include CH itself. You can play it safe and ALWAYS research places on CH/Yelp/Urbanspoon/Zagat first, or you can take a chance.

            Another thread, people are raving over Memphis Fire BBQ in Stoney Creek. It's quite new. Somebody had to be brave enough to try it first without benefit of a review, right? What was once a hidden gem is now a place to go.