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Jul 7, 2011 12:38 PM

Choose one - David Burke Primehouse or Chicago Cut

which has the edge on food, atmo, service?

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  1. I have been to both and personally prefer Chicago Cut. The menu is more robust, the food is excellent and the service was excellent. The atmosphere is steakhouse, but a little more modern/luxurious to me than DBP. There are great views (and a patio) of the River and the Loop.

    I'm not the kind of person that just goes for steak + starch, so I think the menu is a HUGE plus for me...

    Perhaps the one time at DBP was a fluke, but I've now been back to Chicago Cut several times and each has been really great.

    1. Chicago cut or capital grill

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        I haven't been as impressed w/ this Capital Grill as w/ those on the East Coast, so I say (whole heartedly) Chicago Cut.

        Capital Grill
        87 Yorktown Shopping Ctr, Lombard, IL 60148