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Jul 7, 2011 10:54 AM

Healdsburg Picnic Ideas

Looking for inspiration from the hounds for some good eats for a picnic during our trip to Healdsburg next week. We have a large group (10+) and already have all our winery tours\tastings setup for each day. Want to avoid going to Dry Creek Store or Oakville grocery each morning or when we are out wine tasting (if possible). We will of course be purchasing wine at the winery to enjoy with our picnic.

Day 1 – Picnic on deck at Passalacqua (Dry Creek)
Day 2 – Picnic at Field Stone (Alexander Valley)

Will have cheeses, salumi, crackers, bread, grapes, etc… but want to add a more substantial main. Thinking a simple rotisserie chicken salad (green onions, smoked almonds) one day and a pressed sandwich (roast beef, fontina, roma tomatos, aioli) the other day. Don’t want to be stuffed but want some food in the bellies to soak up the wine.

Any other ideas or suggestions…?


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  1. Best bet in Healdsburg is to stop into Big John's. They can also make to order.......salmon . tri tip etc
    Excellent cheese selection.

    1. if you have time... Healdsburg has its Farmers Markets on Saturdays and Tuesdays.
      - stop by Downtown Creamery for fresh breads, pastries, ice cream, sweets, breakfasts

      I'd never bypass a chance to have dinner at Mateo Granados' Tendejon de la Calle

      check for Tendejon dates.

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        Great breads and sweets at Costeaux , I prefer to Downrown