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Jul 7, 2011 10:18 AM

Lunch between Bethesda and Tysons/Falls Church

I have to meet someone for lunch and we need to meet between Bethesda and Tysons/Falls Church. Ideally closer to the latter. Any suggestions? Open to cuisine except no indian or persian.


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  1. Geographically, Mclean is your best bet, but not many of the places are good. Kazan for Turkish or Tachibana for Japanese are the way to go.

    1. You could perhaps meet in McLean? Perhaps EVOO.

      1. If McLean, what about that burger place? Never have been myself, but it used to get some good reviews here.

        Otherwise I agree - you'd have to go somewhere completely different, like extreme NW (BlackSalt?) or just call one or the other. Any way it's diced I don't think there's a true median.

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        1. re: Dennis S

          OK. EVO is closed for lunch on Saturday. We don't want Turkish, but Tachibana sounds good perhaps. We'll be doing a late lunch around 2ish and they close at 2:30 though.

        2. There really isn't a restaurant between these two places if you're traveling around the Beltway. And, once you're on the Beltway, anything in Tyson's itself would be somewhat more convenient than exiting on Rte 123 to travel into "downtown" McLean. If you want to make sure both parties drive approximately the same amount, several places in the Palisades area on MacArthur Blvd -- DC Boathouse, Et Voila!, Listrani's, Black Salt, and Kotobuki -- come to mind.

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          1. re: Indy 67

            Agree with the convenience factor, and the same goes for taking 123 into "downtown" Vienna. There are any of a number of chain restaurants in and around the Tysons Galleria, which while not ideal, would be both convenient and certainly open all day on a Saturday. I mean VERY convenient coming off the Beltway.

            1. re: Indy 67

              With the construction going on around Tysons right now, there can be a big advantage in being able to get off the Beltway early to eat in McLean. Traffic jams near Tysons are serious.

              1. re: Steve

                Lunch time typically is a safe time to head to Tyson's itself. Does that mean I'm claiming that traffic jams never happen at safe hours of the day? Not even close!!!

                Besides, if a person from Bethesda doesn't know the local roads and plugs a McLean address into a GPS, chances are the directions will keep him on the Beltway longer than necessary -- specifically keep him on the Beltway until the left hand exit for the spur into McLean. At that point, if there's a traffic jam around Tyson's he's already engulfed in it!

                1. re: Indy 67

                  Especially lunch time on a Saturday!

                  As a newbie (well, nearly a year now) to the area who works in Tysons, I actually find all the horrific traffic stories a tad overblown. Only a tad, though. Is there traffic? Yes. Does it suck? Yes. But even people in my office who have worked there for 20 years say they don't notice a difference in the traffic due to construction of the Metro and HOT Lanes. It always was bad, it still is bad - but not worse, according to them anyway. I can't compare before and after.

                  So as not to get too OT, I agree with kt below on Wildfire - I had a good brunch there last month on a Sunday. Daily Grill was decent, too.I don't do much sit-down eating, though, in that area.

                  Daily Grill
                  2001 International Dr, Mc Lean, VA 22102

            2. In Tysons near the beltway, WildFire in Tysons II was good, I have liked it. They also have a Lebanese Taverna? i also like Cafe Deluxe, ok enough but it can have a wait.

              Cafe Deluxe
              1800 International Dr Ste B, Mc Lean, VA 22102