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Jul 7, 2011 09:00 AM

Prickly Pear Juice or Syrup - Does anyone know how to get hold of this in UK?

A Chowhound challenge -
Have just returned from a USA roadtrip - wow, so much to say on other boards. The result of my personal odyssey to find the best margarita was at a bar in Sedona Arizona which served a prickly pear margarita. However, couldn't bring the syrup home (imagine everything covered in burst pink syrup mix in suitcase) and couldn't buy at Denver airport.
Does anyone know how to get hold of this stuff in the UK (preferably London or online?)

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  1. You are in luck, that is my area of the US :)

    The bottles are actually really sturdy you would have been fine taking the through checked luggage IMO - Cheri makes the best stuff

    Here is her site to order from:

    And they do make excellent margarita's

    Also if you are in AZ you can find them at certain AJ's grocery stores, which is an upscale grocery store

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      I am affraid that site is a no go area for UK buyers. I tried to order a small jar (290 g) of jam and the only shipping option it gave me was a Fedex one that cost ..... wait for it.....$53.97. Wow, they might as well say "no international orders welcome" on their website.

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        is this distrubtor any better for shipping

        same product just a distrubtor versus direct from the maker

    2. You can buy fresh prickly pears from Mediterranean supermarkets from time to time - the Turkish store on St james' Rd near Bermondsey station has them pretty often. I've made a pretty successful margarita just by muddling them with the other ingredients and then straining.

      I suspect they're a slightly different species to the US version, but still pretty tasty.

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        Yeah, I saw the fresh ones in Turkish Food Centre Dalston when I popped in last week.