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Jul 7, 2011 08:58 AM

fun place foe the grand kids dinner FLL

Picking up the grandkids at FLL around dinner time. Any fun places that would be very differant for three Michigan girls age 7,10, and 12

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  1. Perhaps you could take them to Laura's Cuban or Little Venice Pizza on the Broadwalk first for a decent dinner then absolutely go by Jaxon's or Kilwin's for dessert!

    Little Venice
    909 N Broadwalk, Hollywood, FL 33019

    1. Jaxson's is a great call for dessert. For dinner maybe somewhere like 17th Street Fisheries where they can watch the boats go past and feed the tarpons.

      1. They also might enjoy mai kai for the atmosphere and the show, although not typical "Floridian" food

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          Mai-Kai could be a lot of fun for them as well

        2. How about a water taxi ride to 17th Street Fisheries for dinner and tarpon feeding?

          1. Rustic Inn would be something different.

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              I myself really love Rustic inn for out of towners, however the OP said he was bringing a 7 year old.
              I think they smashing and eating crab with a malet is not nessisary 3 children under the age of 13 friendly.
              but who knows they could be seafood lovers...