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Jul 7, 2011 08:46 AM

Caterining options for small party?

I'm looking for ideas for a small get together I'm hosting soon with both adults and children (about 30 people total). It's an afternoon affair (3:00 PM) and will hopefully be outside. Since it's summer (and hot), I'm leaning towards cold options but am looking for ideas beyond the boring old sandwich platter...any thoughts on food/vendors I should look into? I'm in the Wellesley area, but anything in MetroWest would be fine, and I don't need service - just the food. Thanks!

*Edit: Eeks, sorry about the typo in the headline.

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  1. Why not do either a Clambake or BBQ. I know Marty's Caterers are doing specials on I believe both. I have had them do summer parties for me and have never been disappointed. They travel everywhere. They are located in Stoneham.
    Marty's Caterers 781-438-5511

    I have also used Wildflour Catering in Charlestown and Fireside Catering in Burlington

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      Corporate Clambakes does a fantastic job also!

      32 Bow Street
      Woburn, MA 001801
      ph: 781-933-0652

    2. Vicki Lee's in Belmont has terrific party food that's a notch or two above the usual.

      Vicki Lee's
      105 Trapelo Rd, Belmont, MA

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