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East -coast Trader Joe's that sell liquor?

I'm wondering if any of the east coast TJ's sell liquor like the stores in California. Some sell beer only, or wine and beer, but haven't seen liquor yet.

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  1. Holler. In CT we have these old laws which prohibit liquor sales in grocery stores. It took a few years for our local TJ's to start selling beer...and that's all that our grocery stores can sell....no wine though.

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      It's like that here in NYC/NJ. Strange- I never would have imagine northeastern states would be more conservative about alcohol sales that southern states like GA.

      1. re: WCchopper

        I don't think it has much to do with being conservative. It's more about lobbying efforts by liquor stores to limit liquor (and wine) sales to liquor stores. TJ's in Manhattan had to open a separate storefront to sell wine.

        1. re: small h

          I just mean that the laws were more conservative/restrictive, not the cultural attitude. I was accustomed to the free-wheeling alcohol sales in CA. H'ever, there are also some surprising blue laws here that I can't chalk up to lobbying, like restricting sales of kitchen appliances on Sunday in some areas.

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            I know what you meant. And restrictive laws are made by people, who are influenced by money. That's what I meant.

    2. MA only allows sales of beer and wine in 3 of a chains stores statewide. No liquor sales.

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        The Memorial Drive TJ's in Cambridge sells wine. Saugus and Danvers don't.

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          Coolidge Corner store, Brookline MA does as well. Not sure of the third.

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            Framingham on Rt 9 is the third store. Of the three, Mem Drive has the best layout. I call the Coolidge Corner store (on Saturdays) the craziest *&!?! on Earth, the cheap wine doesn't help.

        2. We don't have TJs in New Hampshire (sigh) but the ONLY place to buy liquor is at the State operated liquor stores. Beer & wine only anywhere else.

          Unfortunately, the TJs right over the line from Nashua (I think the driveway might be in NH) in Tyngsboro, MA doesn't sell any either. I wanted to try some of the wine.

          1. The one in DC sells liquor - the one in Bethesda, MD does not. I prefer the one in DC!

            1. no liquor in virginia trader joe's.

              1. No beer, wine or liquor in the RI store (yes, STORE... we only have one TJ's for the entire state...) They weren't even allowed to carry the delicious fig confections that I purchased in an AZ TJ's store, because they contained rum as an ingredient... GRRR.

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                  Do you remember the name of the fig stuff? Would like to look for it here.

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                    They were actually chocolate-covered truffle-filled figs in a cute little box. I believe they were called "Rabitos Royale"

                    I think they were in stores last spring but they went fast.

                2. Not in NC - just beer and wine. NC only allows liquor by the bottle sales in state run ABC stores.

                  I think I saw that TJ's has opened in south Fl. Fl. allows more varied liquor sales, so they might be an exception to the east coast "rule".

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                    SC does allow it. The one in Greenville, right off 385 has a small but fairly good red dot section.