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Jul 7, 2011 08:17 AM

Farmers' Market in Columbia, SC?

I'm going hiking near Columbia, SC, Saturday a.m.

Anyone know of a good farmers' market in the area?


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  1. The farmers' market at 701 Whaley Street in downtown Columbia is brilliant.

    1. The all local maket in town is wonderful...also the state farmers market is on the outskirts

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      1. re: LaLa

        As much as it pains me to say this, the State Farmers' Market is not at all worth a trip, and should be skipped - at least until some changes are made.

        The all local market is the brilliant 701 Whaley Street market, just to clarify for future readers.

      2. Agree about 701 Whaley Street market (but only on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings) very interesting and upscale -- similar to small markets in larger urban areas. (check out There is another local farmers market at the Richland Mall parking deck on Beltline -- haven't been but understand it's the same concept. Also, check out the local markets that some of the churches sponsor on Saturday mornings in the summer -- the church usually sponsors a local farmer who brings the produce to the church for sale -- very good prices for local fresh food. And there are several local outdoor markets, including one on Assembly Street not far from the former location of the State Farmer's Market.

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        1. re: capitalguy

          Thanks Capitalguy, for the plug for other markets in Columbia. The big, SC Dept of Ag. market, relocated to Hwy 321/I-77 is a big disappointment. The 701 All Local market is great, check out the web site.

          Beginning in June, the 'Seeds of Hope' markets you referenced, will open all around the Columbia metro area in church parking lots, community centers, senior centers etc. Farmers (from the Low Country mostly) drive to Columbia with just picked produce. Prices can't be beat and $$ goes directly to the producers. There are also Seeds markets in Charleston Co.

          The Ag dept website has a very good listing of all the markets (not only Seeds) in each county in the state. Go to and use the sites search function to look for
          community-based farmers markets, then search by county. In Richland county (Columbia) there are 20 Seeds markets and 5 others, including the 701 market.

          Summer/fall is much better at the big Ag Dept market but i rarely suggest folks go there. Its just not very good for smaller local producers - serves the interests of the big distributors.
          The other state markets are better, especially Florence. And the Ag dept publishes a guide to the 'Certified SC markets' that you can keep or access the web as described above.
          thanks and good luck