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Jul 7, 2011 08:10 AM

Carbon steel pans -- again! Bottom/Handle issues

Hi guys. Turned out my De Buyer pan was rusted again. This time I went overkill with the crisco and let it burn in the oven. The inside is rough and a very deep brown. The rivets are not wiping away with a paper towel. New problem: rusty outside (bottom).

Does it matter too much if the bottom is a bit rusty? I expect it will scrape the tops of stoves and oven racks for the duration of its life, so this was not unexpected.

Also, the odd silicone-y sleeve on the handle is chipping off at the end, and is otherwise discolored/stained from heat, smoke, and hot oil drip. Considering sanding it off completely in the not too distant future.

Opinions? Facts?


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  1. "This time I went overkill with the crisco and let it burn in the oven"

    Just apply a very thin layer next time with a papertowel. Almost everyone applies too much, and not too little.

    "The inside is rough and a very deep brown"

    Remove the crust/curd or proper seasoning will not form

    "Does it matter too much if the bottom is a bit rusty?"

    Not a big deal. In fact, you should able to remove the rust just by wiping it with a papertowel. If it is much deeper rust, then you should worry.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      Just use an abrasive dish sponge to remove the crust?

      1. re: create_faster

        You can if the crust is mild. It really depends how bad the crust/curd are.

        If it is rather mild, then I would just put some table salt in the pan and a teaspoon worth of cooking oil and use a piece of folded paper towel and scurb it -- basically using the salt as an abrasive. If it looks a bit worse, then you can use a old credit card or wooden spatula and just remove most of it. If it looks pretty bad, then you just have to resort to something like metal spatula, stainless steel wool. Yes, you will remove much of the seasoning at that point, but with really hard crust, you just have to do it.

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Hmm .. I don't know if I would call it crust, then. Whatever roughness is in my pan is definitely baked into it. It looks somewhat plateau-y in certain light ... I think a metal spatula is the only thing that can dig out the bits. I really don't want to scrub the whole thing clean again -_-,,,

          1. re: create_faster

            The best way I've found to remove/clean any crud from my debuyers is the potato peel trick.Throw a bunch of potato peels in your pan,top with water and boil for 15 mins.
            Sounds weird but it worked for me after i had a little "accident" while seasoning my pan for the first time.You'll have to re-season your pan after for sure.

            1. re: create_faster

              Will a stiff brush get them off? I have a large bristl-y wok brush, and that does a pretty good job of keeping carbon steel / cast iron smooth.

      2. Create, what kind of de Buyer do you have -- are they the Mineral series?


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        1. re: iyc_nyc

          It is a Mineral 'B' series. Meaning, Mineral series coated with a beeswax derived rust protectant (until you season it).