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Jul 7, 2011 07:55 AM

Please help a NYC Hound again!

Hello There Hounds! I’m a Manhattan hound and am headed for London and Paris in September for about 10 days of food and drink. I visited London about 2 years back and you guys were great so I’m coming to you once again!

My thread from Last Time

The man and I finally got hitched after 11 years together so although this is our honeymoon we are more about trying good beer and food than actualy being romanatic.

So I have lots of ideas and questions. We get in on Friday morning and are staying in Trafalager Square again. We already know we want to revisit J Sheekys for their seafood plateau and we already made reservations for dinner at St. Johns on Saturday. I’m planning a breakfast at some point at either the National Arts club or the Wosley.

Last time we really enjoyed Masters fish for fish and chips but we’d love to ftry something new this time around the same quality and value. Suggestions?

I’ve also been scouring the boards for good but not break the bank options for lunch and dinner. Obviously St. John and Sheekeys are on the pricier side. I’m considering a lunch at Arbutus or Haywood Arms. Haywood seems pretty far from where we are- is it worth the trip?

Viajante looks extremely interesting. I wonder if we can make a reservation just to sit at the bar and enjoy some food and cocktails to keep the price point down? Or is there a night we would have no problem stopping by?

Coaches and Arms looks nice- I can’t find out any info on their Sunday night jazz. Maybe it’s no longer around?

I see Donovans has jazz every night but I’m thinking the cost of cocktails might not be worth it. Am I right?

Besides food we like just going from pub to pub enjoying good beers. I was wondering if there was any pub we shouldn’t miss and if anything special is going on during the time we’ll be there Sept. 15th-20th (then we’re off to Paris). We loved Gordon’s wine bar and the White Hart last time.

I’m still knee deep in searching so sorry I’m kind of all over the place right now…oh and Pimm’s Cup! My favorite new drink! Are they available everywhere in London or just certain places? Thanks1

St. John
26 St John Street, London EC1M 4AY, GB

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  1. On the pub front: you could take advantage of two of the best London pubs being within 100m of each other and go to Kentish Town for The Bull and Last and The Southampton Arms. The former is probably the best value for money gastropub in the city and the latter is the sort of simple, no-frills, ales/cider/roaring fire type pub that you very rarely see done well.

    For something new that wasn't here when you last visited - perhaps Maltby Street market on a Saturday? It's not a 'must go' destination yet, but if you like good beer then you have to try the Kernel Brewery who make their beer there under the railway arches. Their IPA is probably the best bottle-conditioned ale I've ever had.

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      Wow- already some great ideas. We never went to Kentish Town and I just checked outboth places which look right up our alley! Do we need a booking for The Bull and Last or can we just show up?

      Also love the market idea. Can we sample the beer at the market or only pick it up? (BTW just went though a black IPA Tatsing here in NYC that was awesome!)
      Thank you so much!

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        Yes, they welcome you trying samples. The only downside is Maltby Street is only worth visiting if you get there before noon so you have to have the stomach for early morning drinking! They do supply some very good restaurants and bars if you don't have time for Maltby though, like Cornercopia (check out the extensive thread on Brixton Village Market), Pitt Cue Co and Cafe Oto (outstanding jazz cafe in Dalston).

        The Bull and Last you can just walk in for lunch but you should probably book for dinner. They do also do a very reasonably priced take-away hamper, so if the weather is good you can picnic on the Heath: http://www.thebullandlast.co.uk/news/

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          Maltby St. closes at 2 pm so you don't have to drink ultra early.

          1. re: cathodetube

            True, but lots of the best things (esp. the St John custard donuts) sell out way before that.

        2. re: roze

          If you're heading to the Bull and Last at the weekend I would definitely advise booking and i'd go for the downstairs seating area if I were you - a little more buzzy than upstairs.

          If you're hitting that then i'd say you probably don't need to make the trek to the Harwood Arms (though it is very good).

          Viajante - the Corner Room is a no reservations area in the restaurant that i understand is a lot cheaper.

          Alternative to Masters would be the Golden Hind in Marylebone.

          Pimms is pretty ubiquitous in the summer so don't worry about being deprived!

          Other interest pubs near you- the French House in Soho has quite a bit of character (the UK French Resistance contacts used to meet here during WWII) and is similarly rammed to Gordons Wine Bar. Upstairs is Polpetto - a Venetian Baccaro bar that is quite a hot ticket - personally I don't rate it that highly for quality of food (though atmoshphere is great) but many others do

          Enjoy the honey moon!

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            The Corner Room is in the same hotel as Viajante but not in the restaurant. For the price the quality of the food is stunning, but since I haven't been to Viajante I couldn't recommend one above the other.

            Definitely agree about sitting downstairs at The Bull and Last though.

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              Thanks everyone- the Corner Room and Bull and Last are on my list and the Golden Hind looks great as well.

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                Wow- I've been looking at reviews of the Cornor Room and we are going for sure! It seems like it is open every day from 12:00 until ? Anyone know? I'm a little worried about places being closed on Sunday and monday. I'm also not sure if there is anything else we should check out in that area while we're over there. If anyone has suggestions that would be great. Thanks!

                1. re: roze

                  If you are in the Bethnal Green area, you should check out Brawn on Columbia Road (sister restaurant to Terroirs) - it's excellent. They are definitely open on a Sunday but I would recommend booking as this is also when the flower market is on (it's worth a visit in any case).

                  If you can't get in to the Corner Room, the bar snacks at Viajante are good, and their cocktails fantastic.

                  Just got a tweet through about their new website http://www.cornerroom.co.uk/ Looks like they are open every day, no bookings

        3. Viajante has a cheaper, more casual sibling at the same venue. Maybe check that out.

          1. The lunch deal at Launceston Place is a really good one. The food is delicious, so that's just another suggestion to add to the confusion.

            Launceston Place
            1 Launceston Pl, Kensington, Greater London W8 5, GB

            1. Hi
              I've been to Vijante and Pollen street social. Both are amazing rooms and in both the food is amazing. I would recommend the latter only because there was more of a buzz in the room, and they have amazing cocktails (and we got a kitchen visit!)

              What about Bisto Loubet at the Zetter also, though if you are off to France maybe not. I also prefer Wild Honey to Arbutus.

              You can also get great value lunches as Dinner and Hibiscus.

              The Zetter
              86-88 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5RJ, GB

              1. Gotta give a shout out to the Wolseley. I had breakfast there and it was delicious in every sense of the word. Not just the food, which included the best haggis of my LIFE (it really reminded me of scrapple), but the beautiful decor, courteous service and totally fantastic people watching. I have not been to the National Arts Club, but must highly recommend the Wolseley for breakfast! Click on the link for full review and pictures: