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Jul 7, 2011 07:31 AM

Annapolis lunch wagons ?

Are there any decent lunch wagons in the Annapolis area ?

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  1. Worked in Annapolis for years and never saw one.

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    1. re: odkaty

      Worked over there for 5 years and only saw one it parked outside our office building for the construction crew working on an office build out. I would try the Amish Market at Harbor Place Malll for lunch

    2. I'm not aware of any of the new breed "gourmet" food trucks in the Annapolis area. I have seen a food cart parked at the Fitgerald dealership, so if you're really looking, you might have success by checking out large car dealerships/mechanics and construction sites. The timing might be pretty hard, and I'm pretty sure that these trucks aren't tweeting out their location.

      1. Not sure that they are even permissible, certainly wouldn't be downtown. What area are you looking for lunch in?

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        1. re: ktmoomau

          I've worked at construction sites and have had many -a- fine-meal, but Annapolis certainly doesn't seem to be strict in the re-building of the corridors to the harbor, let alone regulating any 'wagons' that might pop up. I guess the absence of them speaks for them selves. Anything between Severna Park and Edgewater ?

          1. re: 3MTA3

            Seems like there are a number of bbq rigs set up along Ritchie Hwy at various times. I've tried a number of them. Haven't found anything decent to date.

            There is an apparently permanent stand called Corkys in SP behind the True Value (or maybe Ace) on Robinson road. It was notably foul on my first and only outing there when they opened last summer. "Pulled pork" sandwich consisted of an oddly pinkish substance that could have been some kind of pork puree. Minimal flavor and the texture bespoke poorly run, school cafeteria fare. I have not returned.

            Can't recall anything more specific, but there is an Elks, or Moose lodge on the right side of the hwy that sometimes has a set up.

            Nothing more exotic than very pedestrian bbq that I'm aware of in the area.

            1. re: laststandchili

              Unfortunately the barbecue truck that used to be at the Knights of Columbus on Ritchie Hwy hasn't been there in some time. Corky's is behind the Clement's Hardware, but I agree that I've had some disappointing meals from there. The barbecue never tasted very smoky, and their fried foods have always been undercooked (pale fries) and underseasoned. I don't know if things there have improved.

        2. In 25 years, never seen a single one, decent or otherwise. Not even a hot dog cart. Used to be the late-lamented Market House would fit the bill for that kind of stand up and take out fare. sniff...

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          1. re: crackers

            They are reopening the Market House after they finish renovations

            1. re: agarnett100

              uh huh. right. Market House was supposed to reopen last April. Color me cynical, but I am not holding my breath it will be up and running this year. If they open it any time after October's boat shows, it's going to be pretty sparsely visited.

              1. re: crackers

                The renovation are almost complete they have been working on it since last month

                1. re: agarnett100

                  There are makeshift signs taped to the glass saying it is going to open tomorrow. One would be hard-pressed to see how that will be possible. It didn't look as though a single vendor was finished with the construction and installation, much less stocking anything. And there wasn't much activity in there today either. I did see a sign for a popcorn stand going in. Yippee. Perhaps a few places will be open soon. And I've heard that a place calling itself Maryland Table will be selling local produce.

                  1. re: agarnett100

                    I don't get downtown much anyway, but I'm not sure how I feel about patronising the Market House after the mess the cities made of it the past few years. Maybe I'm getting old, but I really think they should have left it the hell alone.

                    I went in once following the last renovation and it reminded me of a mall food court.

                    I pretty much gave up on downtown after the Starbucks opened in the King of France Tavern.

                    King of France Tavern
                    18 Church Cir, Annapolis, MD 21401

                    1. re: laststandchili

                      I took a quick looking in the Market House this past Tuesday
                      1) There is an ice cream shop
                      2) Chick & Ruth Express - they serve the same items as the other location next to Acme
                      3) A seafood stand that has a raw bar and serves various seafood
                      4) Some type of art gallery