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Jul 7, 2011 07:17 AM

Food tour of Barcelona and Boqueria Market

I'm going to Barcelona on Thursday, August 4. I'm coming on a cruise, so I'll only have the day. I am hoping to find a food tour that morning.

I was very interested in this Context Travel tour, but the tour starts at 10 and our ship doesn't dock until 10.
I had an excellent Context tour in Rome and was hoping for something similar.

Can anyone suggest another Barcelona food tour? There will be 2 of us and our interests are more in home cooking and markets and everyday eating, rather than fine dining.

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  1. Wow! this is an expensive tour! 65euros per person or 290 euros per party!! know how much food you can eat @ la boqueria for that! jaja
    I don't think you need a tour for la boqueria...its a great market, but the fun is to walk around yourself, buy anything you want, taste smell, take it all in!!...
    but you don't need to spend that kind of money to do it...
    if you want to spend that money on a tour, I think it would be better used in a tour of Gaudi or at the very least, use that money to try on of the amazing restaurants in the city!!

    1. I agree. That's way way pricey just to describe a market that you can see with your own eyes. Is lunch included?

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        According to the web site, it doesn't include food. There's a mandatory 10€ charge for tastings. So that would make the tour a whopping 75€ per person. Holy crap! I'm in the wrong business.

      2. Skip the tour and use your money for the food instead. La Boqueria is really, really easy to walk around in yourself and to do your own tastings. There's a map at the front entrance (and little take-away maps for you) if you are looking for something in particular. Stop at a place for one or two bites to eat, then hop to the next one. The food shops in the streets nearby are also pretty easy to get to by yourself on foot. Just come armed with a map and some addresses, and you'll be fine.