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Jul 7, 2011 07:07 AM

Bruges dinner in the city

We'll be staying in the city center mid-week and unfortunately Den Dyver will not be open. We looked into a few other places (Jonkman, Hertog) but they seem to be a drivve away. Any suggestions for good dining within city limits? Thanks.

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  1. our B&B owner suggested a place whose English name is The Flemish Pot. Its near the St Jacob's church on the northeast side of the old town.
    We never ate there (or anywhere, for that matter, in our 2 nights in Bruges). The dummies were closed our 1st night (their hours said they should be open) and they were closed the following night for a "private dinner".

    Dining in Bruges was incredibly frustrating. No matter what, you are paying a lot.

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      I agree with your last statement. Luckily, we decided to stay in Brussels and just go to Bruges for the day. Even finding a decent lunch that didn't cost a mint was difficult, but we did enjoy our lunch at one of the outdoor cafes at the large, market square. I would have been satisfied with just a big container of frites. :-)

      1. re: zuriga1

        that was lunch on day 1, combined with cheese and sausage (while consuming beer) at De Garre.
        Dinner on day 2 was the spaghetti at a bar. yep. that's how frustrated we were. we spent over an hr trying to find restaurants that looked good.