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Jul 7, 2011 06:36 AM

Burmese Excellence at Flushing's "Excellent Thai"?

Excellent Thai Inc

3650 Main Street, NY 11354-4105

(718) 886-8972

One of my students' moms just returned from Burma and bought me a package of tea leaves so I could make tea leaf salad. I was telling her about how much I missed the Burmese place in Jackson Heights and she told me that her husband, a renowned surgeon in the Burmese community, hosts regular dinners at the above little restaurant for his Burmese doctor friends. She says the cook is excellent. It's only been around for about 18 months apparently. She's been in Burma for the last 6 months and just returned, so I can't even confirm if it's still open. I'm excited. No one is answering the listed phone number this early in the morning.

Has anyone been?

Excellent Thai
36-50 Main St, Queens, NY 11354

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  1. Just back from a couple of weeks in Hawai'i and seems like I'm late to the party ;) I just read the Burmese Food Festival thread and noted the posted menu. Funny thing is that I am going to my student's home to a Burmese dinner the second week in August that seems to be being catered by one of the women from the Secret Burmese Restaurant Society. Unless this is another Burmese woman who once cooked for the Prime Minister....A lot gets lost in translation with this particular parent. Sheesh! I'm going to check out the Burmese place tonight.

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    1. re: ZenFoodist

      Let us know if you found anything especially good among the Burmese dishes at Excellent Thai. Other than the tea leaf salad, nothing I tried compels me to rush back there. But as we noted, the Burmese chef could have been out that day. Or so we speculate.

      For reference, for other readers who may not have seen it:

      Excellent Thai
      36-50 Main St, Queens, NY 11354

    2. Can anyone confirm that Sophia is still at Excellent Thai and still willing to cook Burmese food upon request? We'd like to go next week.


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      1. re: versicle

        Ma Sophie is still there and cooking up a storm.

        1. re: Barry Strugatz

          So what's the protocol--ask for her and just ask her to make a Burmese meal for us?

            1. re: versicle

              The also have some Burmese items on the menu (eg, yellow tofu salad, tea leaf salad), which are pretty wonderful. I note some of these items (tea leaves) have been unavailable in recent months so it's a bit unpredictable. Perhaps things are back in gear once again.

              1. re: burton

                They also have a parking lot on the back street.

        2. We called this evening to make sure that Ma Sophie was cooking tonight & were assured that she was. When we got there, we found that Excellent Thai is, apparently, no longer Thai, let alone Burmese. Signage & entire menu were in Chinese (although the parking lot in back still said it was for Excellent Thai), & there were a number of potted plants/flowers out in front, some with cards on them -- looked like "best wishes" on a new restaurant, perhaps? The people there told my husband that they were "the same restaurant" but no longer had any Burmese food; the menu had no Thai food, either. We didn't stay. Anyone know anything?