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Jul 7, 2011 03:28 AM

Zaytina Has Air Conditioning Problems

For a while, RIS occupied our attention as this board complained about the uneven comfort level in different parts of the restaurant. Now Zaytinya joins the list.

The air conditioning unit that served the seating area to the right of the entrance -- the short "L" -- is not working. When we were escorted to our seats, we felt the temperature go up, but we thought we were merely feeling the heat from the open kitchen. Nope. The temps kept getting higher as the we continued walking.

We -- along with most of the diners -- bailed and requested seats in the main section of the dining room where the air conditioning was working just fine. We were told that the cost of fixing the air conditioning would be $250,000. My attitude "So? You're expecting me to pay full price for my meal. I expect you to deliver a fully functional dining experience."

From the comments made by our waiter, I did not get the feeling that the air conditioning had failed that day and the restaurant was coping with a sudden crisis. Specifically, the waiter said that during the past week, last night was his only night rotated into that section of the restaurant, so this problem is at least several days old. The waiter mentioned something about the delay being tied to the need to get up on the roof.

I do not understand why Zaytinya is even seating people in this section in summer in DC.

Oh yes, the food was delicious.

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  1. I went to Eventide a few weeks ago and they had a similar problem, but they called me well in advance of my reservation, apologized profusely and offered to seat us at the bar or on the rooftop dining area. Thankfully the AC came back on just in time for our reservation but they handled it so well; it sounds like Zaytina could take a lesson from Eventide.

    1. If you're serving food indoors in humid DC in the summer, especially with all the 90 degree days we've been having, working A/C is a must. It's the cost of doing business.