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Jul 6, 2011 11:35 PM


What's the verdict on Poutineville? Is their poutine very good? What's the best combination to get, as customers can custom choose what they want for their poutine(like type of sauce, type of potatoes, toppings).

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  1. Pretty terrible for the money. I had the sample of two poutines. My girlfriend made her own. Their mashed fries (or whatever they're called) are pretty good. The cheese is the worst cheese I've had on a poutine in Montreal. It was terribly dry and tasteless. The wine sauce is too powerful in my opinion. The pepper sauce is tasteless. The sweet potato fries were decent.

    I don't know if there's better poutine in that area but it would be almost impossible not to.

    1. I'm having a really hard time getting excited about this place. Every review or blog entry i've read about Poutineville has left me underwhelmed. When I look at the pictures on their facebook, the cheese looks like it's been refrigerated and has lost all its squeek. That's nothing to make me want to go there.

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        I saw a recent TV report on Poutineville, that prompted to ask here.

      2. I went there last week and I tried a crushed / mashed fries poutine - it was great (I added bacon, tomatoes and regular sauce and cheese) - but ! for a takeout of 2 poutines I had to wait 35 minutes - they have to get a lot faster !!

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          1. Tried it last week, the mashed fries are good, the 3 pepper sauce reminded me of a less thick less salty version of the KFC gravy in taste, cheese curds were ok, but since i chose to add brie as well, it made for a nice mix. The bacon was a bit undercooked to my taste.

            Not great, not bad, but when factoring the price in the equation, it's a bit overpriced for the overall quality.