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What's the verdict on Poutineville? Is their poutine very good? What's the best combination to get, as customers can custom choose what they want for their poutine(like type of sauce, type of potatoes, toppings).

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  1. Pretty terrible for the money. I had the sample of two poutines. My girlfriend made her own. Their mashed fries (or whatever they're called) are pretty good. The cheese is the worst cheese I've had on a poutine in Montreal. It was terribly dry and tasteless. The wine sauce is too powerful in my opinion. The pepper sauce is tasteless. The sweet potato fries were decent.

    I don't know if there's better poutine in that area but it would be almost impossible not to.

    1. I'm having a really hard time getting excited about this place. Every review or blog entry i've read about Poutineville has left me underwhelmed. When I look at the pictures on their facebook, the cheese looks like it's been refrigerated and has lost all its squeek. That's nothing to make me want to go there.


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        I saw a recent TV report on Poutineville, that prompted to ask here.

      2. I went there last week and I tried a crushed / mashed fries poutine - it was great (I added bacon, tomatoes and regular sauce and cheese) - but ! for a takeout of 2 poutines I had to wait 35 minutes - they have to get a lot faster !!

        1. Tried it last week, the mashed fries are good, the 3 pepper sauce reminded me of a less thick less salty version of the KFC gravy in taste, cheese curds were ok, but since i chose to add brie as well, it made for a nice mix. The bacon was a bit undercooked to my taste.

          Not great, not bad, but when factoring the price in the equation, it's a bit overpriced for the overall quality.

          1. I see Poutineville on their Facebook & Twitter pages have announced they're opening a downtown location soon(currently looking to hire staff for new location). They didn't say the exact location of their 2nd Poutineville.

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              They took over the Bistro Porto restaurant (1365 Rue Ontario Est), but still aren't open.

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                Yes. You are absolutely right. Drove by ontario street a couple of days ago and signs are posted on window. They have taken over the Bistro le Porto. As far as opening there was a reply on facebook that it would be by the end of January. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

            2. I've tried a few of their poutines and I love them!

              Patates écrassés vs. sweet potato fries,brie or cheddar, pepper sauce vs. their house sauce... it's always a hard choice.

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                I went there on a couple of occasions with my boyfriend and we both really enjoyed the combinations. Usually take the house frieds, mushrooms and olives, different types of cheese on each occasion and tried both the wine sauce (yums!) and pepper sauce (preferred the wine one).
                The wait can be pretty long though...but the place seems always full!

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                  We finally got around to trying it tonight and thought if we went early it would be less crowded. Didn't think to reserve though but clearly other people had so we did wait about 20 minutes which, at 6pm, was not too much of a problem. We were a big group made up primarily of eager kids who had the classic poutine. My youngest son found his kid's portion to be small especially compared to the regular plate that the older boys shared, along with a burning hot serving with wings and hot sauce on the poutine. That was a success and they finished everything. I had the Poutine duo with two different sauces and the sweet potato fries vs. the mashed potato fries. Mashed potato ones won hands down, maybe because the sweet potato fries can't quite compare to the ones served at Su Shian Yuang, the Taiwanese place on Rachel. My husband concocted something with blue cheese, roasted red pepper, wine sauce and mashed potato and was very happy. Our friend, who had only ever had poutine once in her life before, had the steak and cheddar poutine and declared it delicious and addictive. So all in all, a fun dinner for everyone. The staff was great and we appreciated the little taste of the mashed fries before we ordered, especially as we'd waited a bit. Next time we'll reserve and maybe go mid-week or something.