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Jul 6, 2011 10:52 PM

Rita's Italian Ices and Custard

Rita's Custard and Italian Ices -

oh yes, my friends, it is wonderful. They had one in Roselle Park for years and one opened in Union not too long ago. My gal had custard (I had a taste...was great) and they have amazing ices. I had sugar free lemonade italian ice. Sounds pretty mediocre, but actually was great...

great flavors, lots of variety...

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  1. I love the custard from Rita's. For some reason, whatever sprinkles they use are just really tasty. They have great ices. I love the sour apple and blood orange which are seasonal and can be hard to find. It's a great chain, in my opinion.

    1. If you catch them on opening day in the Spring they give away free ices...

      1. Great custard....almost as tasty as Kohr's!

        1. Not bad for a national chain