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Jul 6, 2011 07:54 PM

Date Night Suggestions?

Hi everyone,

My husband, 1 year old son and I will be be traveling in your part of the world in a week's time - We're from Washington, DC. We are spending 4 nights in Vancouver and are getting a babysitter (yeah!!) one evening, so that we can enjoy a nice dinner out. We want to have an awesome omakase meal and have narrowed it down to Sushi Kamura, Octopus Garden (they do an omakase, right? I didn't see anything on their website but think i read it online here that they do) and Tojo's (I know, i know...tons of mixed reviews from you guys). Looking to be wowed and an opportunity to try new seafood that we don't get on the east coast. If you have any other suggestions that would be great too.

Thank you!

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  1. If you're staying downtown then Octopus Garden would be easiest since it's just over the Burrard St Bridge a 5 minute drive from downtown.

    Kimura is waythehellandgone in East Van and Tojo's pretty much a tourist trap.

    1. Years ago, before Tojo was made famous by Anthony Bourdain, I called eating there one of the best meals of my life. I still remember the meal fondly. Recently (last month), I finally returned and we did the 6 course omakase. Loved the Sablefish! There are countless reviews of Tojo's online. I thought it was a fantastic meal - nothing at all to complain about...except the price. I didn't pay and as long as I don't...I'll return any time. :-)

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        Was at Tojo in March. Had waited for 6 months to be able to return to Van. was blown away again.

        Also was very impressed with the Granville Island Market again. Still had all the very good basics and still on top of the trends.

        Props to the lady from Fraser Valley Honey.

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          How much is the Omakase now? Like $250 a head?

          1. re: barcosbarcos

            No, but with sake with it adds up. It was over $500 for our dinner for three people.


            1. re: barcosbarcos

              I think with the Wagu it was $200. ;-] (That wasn't an option for me!)

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              I had a significant birthday meal at Tojo's last year. Although there was no question about the quality of the food and the delightful surprises of omakase, I found the feel of the room to be cold and impersonal and the frequent outburst of birthday songs by the staff (ten times - I am not exaggerating) made me feel I was at Chuck-E-Cheese. The clientele in the restaurant was made up of American tourists and the young Cactus Club crowd on their birthdays. I felt embarrassed at dragging my foodie friends to the restaurant. At $200/person, we go beyond the food and it is the whole experience--- which was quite disappointing.

              1. re: lunchslut

                lunchslut, I agree. When you pay $200 per person, it is more than just food. Personally, atmosphere/decor etc. doesn't matter to me. Neither has little effect on me except if it had blinding bright lights or something. But, service certainly does. Service can make or break a meal for me and often does. When you're paying that much, it's nice to feel special. Good service knows how to interpret what your table wants. Good service makes me like the food more. :-) I was just thinking about this as I mentioned "C Restaurant" in another post here.

                Did you ever eat at Tojo's when it was where Kayan Mediterranean Cuisine is now? That room was much more intimate. Sorry your experience was so disappointing on your birthday!

                Kayan Mediterranean Cuisine
                777 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z4J7, CA

            3. I've never been disappointed by Tojo's....until the bill shows up. It's extraordinarily expensive, but as long as I'm not paying, it's been amazing.

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                Thanks for the laugh, JEhb :-D

                I've only been to Tojo's once myself too, and it was *great* (someone else paid) :-)

              2. My dads favourite restaurant is Tojos. I go with him a couple of times a year:

                If you're looking to be wowed and you don't really care how much you spend, go to Tojo's. It will (usually) be very good/excellent and will wow most more than the other two options.

                1. I had the 6 course omokase at Octopus Garden last night and was very disappointed. Not only were my friend and I still hungry, but I found the dishes to be nothing-too-special/interesting. Perfectly fine on the quality of ingredients, but very pedestrian overall.