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Fast food Greek

Anyone know who serves up some good fast food, or cheap sit down Greek in the Puget Sound area?

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  1. Kokoras Greek Grill on California Ave. in West Seattle, just north of the Morgan Junction. Not great, but definitely fits into the fast/cheap category. Tasty enough after a couple pints at Beveridge Place Pub across the street. You can order to go and eat it at BPP as well.

    Kokoras Greek Grill
    6400 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98136

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      One of my past life "experiences" was as a gyro chef in a remote area of the US in the seventies. In Israel I remember seeing gyros as chunks of lamb stuck together with fat on a vertical spit.
      The thing we used was out of Chicago, was a gigantic cone of ground meat and spices, and was mostly beef, if not all beef. (Memory gets fuzzy after 40 years)
      So it was "kinda" like a souvlakia, but not really.
      In 2003, I think, I played music a lot in a Pike Place Restaurant called "Turkish Delight." They have taken the original lamb-chunk gyro and put their own twist on it. (Literally)
      They use chicken breasts stuck together like lamb, and their own spices. (It's really good)
      I'm just amazed that someone has the gumption to make a gyro out of what must be 300 chicken breasts! It works.

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        One of my favorite lunches, ever.

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          Chicken gyro/shawarma/doner kebab, whatever you want to call it, is very common and delicious when done properly (i.e. not dessicated.)

          I like both the lamb and chicken doner kebabs at The Berliner (at least the one up on westlake, haven't tried the one in pioneer square.)

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            The catch to the chicken breast "gyro" is that unlike the lamb/beef ones, the chicken breasts seem to be fully cooked before being made into the tall huge roast, and the heating adds a crust.
            And yes, with chicken breast, there would be a problem with dryness. It never bothered me while eating it though. I think since they cut off thin slices of toasted breast meat, the meat has a chance to absorb the other flavorings in the "sandwich."
            Driest meat I ever ate? Mature bull elk. Like eating a meat-flavored sponge of styrofoam.

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            I like Turkish Delight, but boy are they ridiculously expensive.

            6 years ago, it was something like $11 for a gyro.

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              I hear we get our standard cost models at age 18, which is when a Turkish Delight Doner kabob was $3.50. $5 got a grimace, $7 a wince, and $8 was out loud painful. Fortunately, the careful, tasty, and generous food salved the pain, if barely. Thanks for the scary news, though I fear $11 may already choke me and that was years ago.

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                For doner kebab, The Berliner costs $7.59 and under, and IMHO is more representative of the the late night treat one gets in Germany or England.


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                  When I was 18, gas was $0.89/gallon. Not happy.

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                    Oh dear, telling.
                    11 cents a gallon.

          3. Santorini in Kirkland does a pretty good gyro, etc.

            Also, not specifically Greek, but Mawadda Cafe in S. Seattle and Garlic Crush in Bellevue are both very good for pan-Middle East kebabs, gyros, dips, and the like.

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              Cosigning on Santorini's, they were my first thought.

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                Double yes on Mawadda.
                I like the airy falafel and the meats are all good.

              2. Georgia's Greek up in Greenwood might fit your requiremets.

                1. It's not greek, but the gyros at the unnamed gyro place on Capitol Hill at 15th / John are pretty good (seriously, it has no name, or something like "gyro cafe").

                  1. Just about anywhere you see a vertical spit, you can get a quick lunch.
                    The one I used was in Magnolia, on the main drag.
                    Trouble with asking where's a quick Greek Lunch anywhere in Puget Sound? is this: Have you tried to get ANYWHERE in Puget Sound quickly?
                    My advice: go to the nearest vertical spit that smells of olive oil and garlic, fall on your knees, and pray to the kitchen gods that they help you. (They will)

                    1. I really like The Continental on The Ave in the U District. As good as or better than anything I actually had in Greece. Awesome homemade pastries too.

                      If you're there on a day they have the Lamb Shanks, count yourself lucky.

                      Not exactly fast food but quick sit-down coffee-shop atmosphere.

                      Continental Restaurant and Pastry Shop
                      4549 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

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                      1. Athina Grill has good reasonbly priced Greek food in lower Queen Anne. The gyro is one of the better ones I've had in Seattle due in part to the very large amount of meat packed into the pita. I have also been and sat down for beet salad which was very good with crumbled feta and garlic spread.

                        528 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

                        1. Not Greek exactly, but my favorite place to go for a quick shwarma (gyro) sandwich is the Hallava Falafel food truck in Georgetown. It's a different spin on the traditional Greek version, but I believe is the best in town. The menu consists of exactly three items - two sandwiches: falafel (also unique and very good) and shwarma, and double dipped fries. Enjoy!

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                            Mr Gyro's on Greenwood near 85th is a good bet. I just picked up a Gyro from there today and thought it was better than Georgia's and much cheaper at $4.95.

                            Mr Gyros
                            8411 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

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                              Georgia's is kinda different. You can go there for lunch, but the big thing was always that Georgia's was a place where you ate, drank a little, met people, listened to live music, danced. With Georgia's retirement and the business being taken over by her son Theodoros it's changed a little, for example he has Belly dancers on the weekends.

                          2. Since you mention "Puget Sound Area", I'll add a recomendation for It's Greek To Me in Tacoma on 6th Ave.

                            It's Greek To Me
                            1703 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405

                            1. Taki's Mad Greek in Ballard. Not the cheapest but really good and authentic.

                              Taki's Mad Greek
                              8539 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

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                                I had octopus at Taki's and it was quite good.

                              2. To the north there is
                                KafeNeo, 212 and 99 in Edmonds (Lynnwood)
                                Gyros Delite , 196th Lynnwood. This claims to be an 'importer' of Chicago style Greek items.
                                It's a small place, set back from the road between a Dennys and Local Yoke.

                                1. I thought i would bring my old post back to life. Has anyone had any Greek fast food lately? i found a new one that just opened in University Place near Tacoma. It's called "Gyro Zone". It's the best I have found yet by far. Try the Lamb, or Beef Shawarma if you really want to treat yourself.

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                                      I haven't been there yet but a friend recommended Niko's in Magnolia.

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                                        1! I have been to Niko's, and it's fantastic. 95% rating on Urban Spoon: http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/1/651/res...

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                                        I'm a big fan of Garlic Crush in Bellevue.
                                        The gyros are solid and they have an awesome meat plate with a variety of grilled meats on it.

                                      3. Anybody know anyplace downtown? Is the place in the Market any good?

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                                          Turkish Delight is quite good. The main-dish pastries and kebabs are tasty and filling, but seek-out the savory sides. It'll cost ya, but at least it's real food and good. Mr. D's Gyros is on the main arcade at lower prices, but Turkish Delight simply delights me, and I can't actually remember Mr. D's Gyro. Zaina is a lunch-crowd favorite downtown, too, and check out the Pakistani curries at Cafe Zum Zum, another lunch favorite.

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                                            +1 for Zaina--they have a spicy sauce that's excellent.

                                            Yelp says the Pioneer Square location is closed, but doesn't say that about the Pine and First Avenue one--anybody know if it's still in business? I will be deeply bummed if they're both gone.

                                            1. re: MsMaryMc

                                              I walked by it last week and it was still open.

                                        2. If you're in the south end, Dino's Gyros in Burien (in the shopping center next to Safeway, at First Avenue S. and SW 148th St.) is pretty good.

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                                            Good to know MsMary... I have looked at that place when mailing a package at the FedEx store, but never been in. Will give it a try!

                                            1. re: gingershelley

                                              I'll definitely go back for the gyros, but I'll skip the baklava next time--the last one I had was soggy.