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Nut-Free, Raw Stone Fruit-Free, "Healthy" Dessert

Sorry for all the lame stipulations, but I'm a fat ass with a ton of allergies and a mean sweet tooth. I like everything (besides the allergy things) and will appreciate all suggestions.

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  1. How about a pumpkin, mango, or other fruit mousse? I haven't tried this exact recipe, but just so you can get the idea, basically a fruit puree folded with dairy, gelatin, sugar, and spices: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

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      I love ricotta pureed in the FP with berries of your choice and a little jam, honey, agave, or sugar

    2. What about a Moroccan Orange Salad with Cinnamon.. or a citrus salad with a cinnamon-yogurt dressing?

      I also really like baked rhubarb and apples with earl grey, cardamom and orange. :)
      It is nice overtop yogurt.

      1. Awesome suggestions so far. Thanks!

        1. I like Greek yogurt with some lavender honey drizled over. Or maybe TJs triple ginger cookies crumbled over. Or both :)

          1. Meringues ... pavlova ...

            1. Lemon or lime budino! No need to use the fancy fruit. it works beautifully with whatever you can find at the store. And so fluffy and light! http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

              1. Are you looking for "healthy" as in low fat, low sugar, whole grains, low calories, or any combination? There are a lot of low fat/high sugar; low sugar/high fat; whole grains with either, etc. desserts. I was thinking along the lines of pavlova which is low/no fat but high in sugar. But, it's a killer if you're worried about sugar, unless you substitute artificial. My favorite simple dessert is ricotta, a drizzle of honey, strawberries/blueberries and a small handful of dark chocolate.

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                  As long as it's not high sugar, high fat and high calorie, I'm interested.

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                    Since you're a self professed wino:



                    Either can be served over angel food cake.

                2. Angel Food Cake.