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Jul 6, 2011 04:47 PM

Nut-Free, Raw Stone Fruit-Free, "Healthy" Dessert

Sorry for all the lame stipulations, but I'm a fat ass with a ton of allergies and a mean sweet tooth. I like everything (besides the allergy things) and will appreciate all suggestions.

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  1. How about a pumpkin, mango, or other fruit mousse? I haven't tried this exact recipe, but just so you can get the idea, basically a fruit puree folded with dairy, gelatin, sugar, and spices:

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      I love ricotta pureed in the FP with berries of your choice and a little jam, honey, agave, or sugar

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      1. What about a Moroccan Orange Salad with Cinnamon.. or a citrus salad with a cinnamon-yogurt dressing?

        I also really like baked rhubarb and apples with earl grey, cardamom and orange. :)
        It is nice overtop yogurt.

        1. Awesome suggestions so far. Thanks!

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