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Jul 6, 2011 03:18 PM

Wilkes-Barre good eats

Shortly spending two days in Wilkes-Baree. Need to find good ethnic and regional cooking.Would appreciate and help !

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  1. I passed through W-B yesterday, and I purposely had packed an ice chest in the car so I could stock up on frozen Pizza L'Oven pizza. They (and a handful of other places in that area, e.g., Victory Pig) make a style that is unique - it has a thick, oily, but also bubbly and crisp bread crust, minimal tomato sauce (more chunks of it than sauce), and mozzarella cheese on top. Garlic is introduced somehow, but I could not tell you where / how. The only add-on topping is onion (highly recommended).

    It is sold by the piece, which is a 2" x 4" rectangle. The place I visit is in Hanover Township, just before the bridge over the Susquehanna River (what I call the Carey Avenue Bridge, but I've been out of town for 35+ years ... it's a new bridge and probably called something else now). You can eat in there, too. For eat in, note that it comes to you seemingly in the form of bread-based napalm. Let it cool a bit before your first bite, or you'll never taste any of it. Or speak properly for a week.

    Note that this is NOT the legendary Old Forge pizza, but a different animal altogether. Old Forge is "up the line" towards Scranton, and might warrant a field trip if you are so inclined. They probably don't say "up the line" there anymore, either ...

    /sighs his 'man of a certain age' sigh ...

    1. Two really great Japanese steakhouses/sushi places up there are Mirakuya and Katana. La Tolteca is great if you like Mexican. And if you are looking for a nice casual bar with great food, The Chicken Coop has amazing chicken and a great menu selection.

      41 S Main St Ste 6, Wilkes Barre, PA 18701

      La Tolteca Restaurant
      907 S High St, West Chester, PA 19382

      Chicken Coop
      533 Scott St, Wilkes Barre, PA 18702