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Jul 6, 2011 03:09 PM

Cool Bar Mitzvah Venue?

Looking for a cool (not too expensive) space for a dance party for my son's Bar Mitzvah in Feb. 2012. Want to bring in own catering OR.... use venue's catering... but food has to be great and interesting.... any thoughts? Loft spaces people have used? Studios?


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  1. I have been to affairs at Universal City and I know people who have had Bar Mitzvah parties at Dodger Stadium.I don't know if not too expensive fits in.The Jewish Journal has special Simcha editions that list many different venues.

    1. Santa Monica Carousel has option of in-house catering or outside catering.

      1. Olympic Collection at Olympic and Sawtelle has some good rentable space. Can bring food. I had my sweet sixteen there way too long ago. Malleable and central.

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          Best venue in recent memory was at the Skirball Center.

        2. When I worked for a well known caterer on the westside, the H'wood people she had as clients would rent out one of the nightclubs in WeHo. They are probably all corporate now. Start by contacting some caterers and asking them where good venues are, if they know their stuff and have done it before, they will work with you and your budget.

          I have also attended one as a guest at the Skirball Center and it was lovely, but don't know if they had an outside caterer or not. If you need help w getting a list of caterers, email me offline.

          1. Queen Mary? Steven S Wise Temple with the pool?

            Queen Mary
            1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA 90802