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Jul 6, 2011 02:44 PM

Dim sum in Miami

I loveeee pork buns (steamed or baked). Where is the best (and preferably best priced) place in Miami or ft lauderdale? I've tried kon chau on bird, but hoping theres something better out there.

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  1. Tropical Chinese.

    Tropical Chinese Restaurant
    7991 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155

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    1. re: flavrmeistr

      blech. I'd go with toa toa in ft. lauderdale. most places down here don't make their own buns though, so somewhat at a loss for them.

      1. re: kevdog

        I don't care for pork buns, myself. I mostly like the shui-mai, hor-gow and the various dumplings. Tropical makes all their own stuff, though, and it's pretty good if you get there around 11 a.m.

    2. I'm certainly not a dim sum expert, but you might try Sang's in North Miami Beach and see what you think. You may have to ask them specifically for a dim sum menu.

      1. Try South Garden on Sunset around 107th. They even do the carts.

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        1. If you go back a few years there are some pretty extensive dim sum discussions on this board. Here's one piece of it ->

          Note some of those places are now gone.

          It's been a long time since I've been to Kon Chau, I didn't think it was great though it's one of the cheapest. I think Tropical is pretty solid, particularly when you get your timing right and can get things fresh from the kitchen instead of what's been sitting on the cart for a while (true of any pushcart place). Only been to South Garden once, there were some things there I preferred and others I thought Tropical or others did better.

          Chu's Taiwan Kitchen in Coral Gables (used to be Chu's South Beach) does some things pretty well and is the only place in Miami that does xiao long bao (unless the high end places like Hakkasan, Mr. Chow or his evil twin Philippe are doing them).

          Hong Kong Noodle in North Miami Beach just closed, Sang's across the street has its partisans though I thought it was only OK.

          1. I prefer Kon Chau to Tropical. It mostly has to do with getting it hot and fresh at Kon Chau and cold and old at Tropical. I rarely get the timing just right at the pushcart places and even if I do for one or 2 dishes, the others are off. If things are timed just right at Tropical it is good, but that usually doesn't happen. Kon Chau is also a good bit cheaper than Tropical.

            Hakkasan's dim sum is excellent, but expensive. They have a strange set menu format that I really dislike and is contrary to one of the major purposes of dim sum in my eyes -- to pick and choose what you want. The lunch/dim sum menu that Hakkasan has for Miami Spice is also largely set, but looks better than what they normally have, so I'll probably give it a shot in the next few months. Hakkasan does have, or did have, the soup dumplings.

            Kon Chau Restaurant
            8376 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155

            Miami Beach, FL, Miami Beach, FL

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            1. re: Fineas

              Kon Chau is a real hole in the wall. Nobody makes dim sum like Kon Chau, whose long rice wrapped offerings I've never even seen in China. It's too much dough for me, but it is tasty. The decor is somewhat less attractive than a homeless center with a threadbare carpet to treasure.

              1. re: Fineas

                hakkasan does let you choose a la carte now.

                1. re: Fineas

                  Granted I haven't been to either Tropical or Kon Chau since moving 3 years ago. But I found Tropical better than Kon Chau when I was there. Kon Chau I found a bit on the greasy side for my tastes. I found Tropical's seafood stuff, especially items with shrimp, a bit higher quality.

                  Never got stuff cold and old in my 6-7 visits to Tropical while living in the MIA. Went to Kon Chau only once just to try it out and went back to Tropical for all future dim sum.

                  As much as I dislike the Phillipe Chow thing, they do have some decent albeit expectedly overpriced dumplings.

                  Kon Chau Restaurant
                  8376 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155