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Mexican in Columbus/Dublin?

So, some guy named uhockey, who is from Dublin OH, posted on the Boston board about all the high-end places he goes to. Gee, how nice. But, he also claimed, without any substantiation, that there is good Mexican food in Ohio. All he says is this: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7799...

I did not find any posts on this board from him about good Mexican food. So, I ask: anyone know of any good, authentic Mexican spots? I have not seen any in my many trips out there. I'd love to try some next time I'm there.


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  1. Try his blog. He may have something posted on there. He does seem to eat at a lot of different places. http://uhockey.blogspot.com/

    1. There are some great taco trucks in Columbus, especially on the west side of town. Those are about the most authentic thing I've found. They're definitely not high-end, but there are some good ones!


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      1. Go to La Casita on Bethel Road. Order the torta ahogada.

        La Casita
        1355 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220

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          I had the torta ahogada again recently. Wasn't nearly as spicy as it used to be. Very disappointing.

        2. Our two favorite places :
          Cuco's Taqueria-2162 Henderson Rd www.cucostaqueria.com/
          El Arepazo (Latin Grill) 47 North Pearl St. www.elarepazolatingrill.com/

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            Maybe I ordered wrong, but I was underwhelmed by the food at El Arepazo. I had the Bandeja Paisa and the fiancee had a spicy ceviche (that was definitely not spicy) and we both felt that the food lacked seasoning. Even my arepa was a bit flavorless. Do you have specific dishes that you recommend instead? Should we not have ordered Colombian?

            I second Lauren in OH, there are some great taco trucks. I'm partial to Taco Nazo, especially since you can order ahead and pick up.

          2. The best Mexican in Columbus is generally tucked inside the Mexican grocery stores. Check out www.alteatscolumbus.com for recommendations other than trucks. It's run by the same people as the TacoTrucks website. There is alot of great, authentic Mexican food in Columbus, but you have to dig to find it.

            1. These are some good starting points. Thank you all very much. Especially the non-truck options, because the next time I'm there will probably be December.

              Cheeeese: yes, I unfortunately checked out his blog. He only talks about the high-end places he goes... you don't really need to "chowhound" to find those spots.

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                Los Gauchos, which used to be a taco truck, now has a small shop on Godown Rd off of Bethel. Yummy stuff, especially the pork al pastor tacos and gringas. It's an order at the counter and they bring the food to your table kind of place.

                Limited menu, no ubiquitous rice and beans, nice and fresh.

                For a more sit down, restaurant style experience but still good, I'll second Cuco's and to a lesser extent, La Casita.

                While not Mexican, I concur that El Arazapo can be somewhat bland. You have to dress their stuff up with their sauces to get any real punch but I think it is just a bit of a difference the nature of the South American styles they do there versus Mexican.

                In general, alteatscolumbus.com is a good reliable resource for Chowish ethinic places. Good luck in your quest!

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                  Ha, Alcachofa, I agree with you on the blog!

                  Hope you find some good food when you're here. I really like Cuco's for sit-down dining, as others have recommended.

                  Cuco Restaurant
                  23633 US Highway 23 S, Circleville, OH 43113

                2. Well, I ended up at Chile Verde. I had suggested Cuco, but one of the in-laws I was visiting claimed Chile Verde was better. Hope not. One of their house specialties, The Enchilada Estancia, was just a pile of cheese and yellow onions. Their (self) much-lauded sauce was OK, but the onions really took over the dish and... why? Also, they refer to themselves as Southwestern, not Mexican. Didn't really feel a New Mexico vibe from what I saw and ate.

                  Really want to hit one of the places in alt.eats, but my trips there are fairly jam-packed family trips, and the thought of eating in the back of a Mexican grocery store... it just simply wouldn't compute with them.

                  Speaking of alt.eats, after checking out that website, I was wondering "why aren't people talking about these places on CH?" Well, duh, with such a great resource, you probably all just go there, and don't bother with this. Especially since there is no dedicated Columbus board.

                  1. Casa Hacienda Grill has recently opened up on the North Side of Columbus. At first glance, it's another nondescript Mexican restaurant. Once you get inside, though, it's another story. They make all of their tortillas, both corn and flour, fresh, and have lots of great choices. The Mole, especially, is wonderful. Definitely not Dona Maria from a jar. It's obvious the amount of pride the owners take in the place and I'd easily recommend it over Cuco's or La Casita any day.