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Jul 6, 2011 02:24 PM

Athens GA Wedding Catering Ideas?

i'm getting married at a farm outside of athens next may and, of course, i'm thinking about the food first. do any of you southeastern chowhounds have recommendations for a restaurant/caterer? there are a lot of pretty good restaurants in athens that have a few good items on the menu, but are largely inconsistent, which makes me nervous. if there's one thing i want done right in this whole shindig, it's the food. any suggestions/experiences will be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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  1. Epting does a LOT of events in the area. I grew up with his kids and even worked for an event or two growing up. I recall the food being good enough but I was far from a chowhound for the most part during my early teens. I haven't had his food in ages so I would ask for referrals.

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      I like Dax's suggestion. Lee does the annual Ossabaw Island Foundation Pig Roast event which we've attended every year the past five years. Serving food outdoors in a buffet line is challenging at best, and I'm not a fan of buffet lines, but I've never eaten anything at the Ossabaw gig that wasn't really good. Those folks make some good food.

    2. Five and Ten does off premises catering. I'm sure the food would be great, although probably not inexpensive.

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          absolutely! though a bit beyond our budget, sadly...

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            You should call 5&10 before you write them off as being too expensive...