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Coupons and Deals- July to August 2011


Some people like posts about restaurant deals, and other people loathe them. We're trying a new approach that will hopefully help people on both sides by making deal posts easier to find and easier to ignore.

This thread is now the place to mention local restaurant deals and coupons from sites like Groupon, Living Social, etc. We'll sticky it temporarily until people who post deals are aware it's there, and then allow it to float freely.

A couple of guidelines to keep in mind:

- You may not post deals with a referral link so that you get bonuses or payments for referring people. We know that sometimes that happens by accident, since it's not always clear that you're getting a referral link. We suggest logging out of the deal site and visiting the deal page to get a clean link. Normally, we make it a policy not to edit the content of user's posts without permission, however, in the case of deal threads, by posting, you're giving us permission to edit your link if it contains referral information. We will not edit any other text.

- Our usual insider rules apply ( http://www.chowhound.com/topics/36760... ), so if you're associated with either the deal site or the restaurant, you may not post.

- Please don't post every deal indiscriminately. This is Chowhound, not Cheaphound -- pick deals that you think your fellow hounds will be genuinely interested in, because they're from restaurants worth visiting. And feel free to comment on your experiences with the restaurant or recommend dishes -- more chow tips will make the threads more helpful. And others should feel free to reply and discuss. If we end up with a good sub-thread with more than a few posts going about a specific restaurant, please just use 'report' to flag it, and the mods can split it out to its own thread.

- Restaurants and food-specific businesses only, please, no deals for gyms, spas, etc.

Unfortunately, we can't merge threads, so if people post deals outside of the deal threads, we can't move them to the thread. Please use 'report' to flag them for us, and we'll touch base with the poster to have it reposted.

If you have any questions or comments about these new threads, please jump over to the Site Talk thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7941...

  1. Eversave Boston has a $15-for-$30 deal at Alchemy, Gloucester:

    I enjoyed my visit there a couple of months ago; they've got some excellent cocktails and unique beer selections, and their small plates -- especially the antipasto and the Uptown Mac & Cheese -- are worth trying.

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    1. https://biz.fanminder.com/fb/offer?ur...

      Free fruit with waffle at Saus, good through Sunday July 10.

      1. Chef Series at Smolak Farm; al fresco farm to table dinner series; wed. nights
        in No.Andover.


        1. Basho Japanese $40 for $20; there has been a recent CH thread on Basho. Offer expires thisWed.

          1. Today's Boston Groupon is $15 for $30 to Estragon. I know this comes up a lot on this board for Boston Tapas.



            1. RAWBERTS-

              "Buy With Me" has a deal for Rawbert's Organic Garden Cafe

              You can choose:
              1) $75- Participate in a raw food cooking class (up to $195 value)
              2) $20-Gets you $40 worth of raw vegan food


              I am SUPER INTERESTED to find out if anyone has particated in one of these raw food cooking classes as I am interested in learning more about "cooking" raw food (ha!), but have been unable to find reviews re: the classes at Rawberts.

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              1. re: granolagurl

                Haven't been to the classes, but I ate at the restaurant (albeit awhile ago) & loved it. If you decide to take any, would love to hear what you thought about them. (thinking a separate post should be in order, too)

              2. $60 for a 4-course tasting menu for 2 at Tryst in Arlington: http://livingsocial.com/deals/64149-f...

                1. BuywithME has a deal for North by Northeast :
                  "$60 gets you a shared 10-course tasting dinner for two at East by Northeast, valid Tuesday through Saturday ($100 value)."

                  East by Northeast
                  1128 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

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                    1. re: pastrytroll

                      aw DARN, now that is an offer i would have eagerly taken. thnks.

                    2. Groupon - Pho Hoa in Dorchester: $10 for $20. One more day to buy (til Wed., 7/20/2011)


                      Haven't been yet - might get this for a fun chow weekend I'm planning w/a friend.

                      1. Groupon for $20 for $10 at Three Dogz Diner in Lawrence: http://www.groupon.com/deals/three-do...
                        I have never heard of the place and when I read that it was a diner car on the banks of the Merrimack I thought it must be a new spot in the Lawton's location, but apparently not. The menu sounds worthwhile and the few reviews were enthusiastic.

                        1. http://deals.boston.com/deal/2151/pan...

                          OM has a $40 for $20 deal; expires fri 7/29. The recently installed chef, Patricia Yeo, has had her share of fans in her former restaurant, Ginger Park. But OM has had some CH pans this last year. You may want to check on replies to this thread before purchasing:


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                          1. re: opinionatedchef

                            They just offered the same deal on Groupon, valid through 11/8/11.

                          2. from http://melrose.patch.com/articles/mel... and good through August 1. I had a cupcake from here and it was pretty good!

                            Tootsie's Coffee Corner
                            969 Main St , Wakefield , MA 01880 | 781-587-1797

                            Deal: It's never a bad thing when yet another bakery/coffee shop comes to the neighborhood. Go say hello to newcomer Tootsie's Coffee Corner (on Wakefield side of the Melrose/Wakefield line), which proudly offers 25 types of flavored coffee, gelato and...wait for it...a cupcake bar (three flavors of cake, three flavors of frosting and a hefty number of toppings to mix into the frosting). While you're there, mention Melrose Patch and get a tasty 15 percent off your order.

                            1. Just thought I'd make sure that people know about Groupon Now. You can check for short-term, one-day deals in the zip code that you want to visit. These are different from the regular Groupons. Nice for spontaneous nights out.


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                              1. re: bear

                                great to know about, bear; th you. but now i need to learn all the zipcodes for boston, cambr, somerville?!

                                that's going to be a challenge. edit- phew! you can also earch by city.

                                1. re: opinionatedchef

                                  oc, good to know about searching by city. I haven't really explored that much, but it seems like a great resource. The city feature makes it that much more flexible.

                              2. Lowell Sun's daily deal is $20 for $40 at Pad Thai Restaurant on Middlesex St., good for 6 months (I called). But I find no reviews for the place anywhere and their only site is the menu that is part of the Foodler online delivery service.- can anyone who has eaten there comment?

                                1. Gilt City Boston today:

                                  Six-Course Tasting Menu with Wine Pairings for $100
                                  Savor Chef Charles Draghi's fine Italian fare at this Bay Village hotspot

                                  1. Ever since they opened, Stone Hearth Pizza has been our fav; we go to the Bemont location. this coupon says for the cambridge location but after many phone calls, i found that it seems it can be used elsewhere. A CH search would bring up my reviews of it.

                                    Stone Hearth Pizza
                                    57 Leonard St, Belmont, MA 02478

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                                    1. re: opinionatedchef

                                      Dont try to use the Cambridge coupon at Belmont.....they won't accept it. Just tried and NO GO !

                                    2. Groupon Now Deal: $15 for $30 at Petit Robert Bistro in Needham (I didn't realize there was more than one - I've never been to any of them). This is for today, July 28 - but I've seen the Now Deals repeated. You don't have to go crazy w/zip codes, either - there really aren't too many, not yet at least. Needham's zip is 02492.

                                      Petit Robert Bistro
                                      468 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

                                      1. Active Schwaggle has a deal -- pay $20 and get $40 worth of food at True Bistro, a vegan restaurant in Teele Square, Somerville. Be sure to read the fine print with restrictions on when you can use it.


                                        Teele Square Cafe
                                        Somerville, MA, Somerville, MA

                                        1. Groupon today Saturday) has $10 for $20 Worth of Authentic Persian Fare Plus Dessert at Shiraz Cuisine in Watertown ($24.99 Value). I should note that more than one Yelp reviewer referenced spoiled food! I'm beginning to wonder about many of the Groupon restaurant deals....

                                          Shiraz Cuisine
                                          72 Bigelow Ave, Watertown, MA 02472

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                                          1. re: pastrytroll

                                            except for their 7 Jewel Rice,a nothing special place.

                                          2. Groupon: $15 for $30 - Lil Vinny's. Two days to buy.


                                            I'm def getting this one - haven't been there yet.

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                                            1. re: threedogs

                                              threedogs, one hound reported that she waited until the last week to use her groupon only to find that Lil Vinny's had unexpectedly closed for a week of vacation. The restaurant then refused to honor the groupons after they reopened. Just fyi.

                                              1. re: bear

                                                Wow - I did not read that! I hope the OP contacted Groupon - they have been extremely good to me regarding problems I've had with using some I've purchased (actually my own fault - yet they've given me credit, just the same).

                                                Way to get a great reputation, Lil Vinny's [sic].

                                                  1. re: bear

                                                    Now I remember. I even commented on it - I refuse to blame that on getting oldER, though... now all I have to do is tell the same stories to my kids over and over. and over. again. haha... stupid brain..

                                            2. Blackstrap BBQ in Winthrop is doing a groupon for 2 days starting today 8/5

                                              Blackstrap BBQ
                                              47 Woodside Ave, Winthrop, MA 02152

                                              1. Sea to You Sushi in Brookline has 50% coupon on BostonDeals, expires wed. 8/10/11:

                                                Sea to You Sushi
                                                5 Kendall St, Brookline, MA 02445

                                                1. Brother's Crawfish in Dorchester: Groupon, $19 for $42 worth of food.


                                                  I haven't been there, but fr the reviews here & on Yelp, I think it's worth a try.

                                                  Edit: I was worried that, for me, it would be way too much food in one sitting. But I started to read the descriptions about crawfish online, and decided to try it. Going to bring my very hungry, big son along to help me finish them when I go, lol!

                                                  Brother's Crawfish
                                                  272 Adams Street, Boston, MA 02118

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                                                  1. re: threedogs

                                                    Going there tomorrow (Tues) for lunch to use the Groupon! Will let my fellow Chowhounds know how it is, of course.

                                                  2. Canteen in Camb. 50% off, deal for next 6 days on Buywithme. I have read a number of CH refs to this place and the menu is interesting but the CH recent thread, below, has both really negative and positive comments, so fair warning:


                                                    (Note: Link edited to exclude referral information -- The Chowhound Team)

                                                    1. Today there's a $10 for $25 Groupon for Feng Shui, the Chelmsford location's upstairs hibachi rooms only. I've never been there but got this one. It expires on Halloween.

                                                      Feng Shui Restaurant
                                                      285 Chelmsford St, Chelmsford, MA 01824

                                                      1. Tepthida Khmer Lowell $30 worth of Cambodian Cuisine for $15

                                                        $25 for a 4-Course Dessert Tasting Menu for Two

                                                        Tepthida Khmer
                                                        115 Chelmsford St, Lowell, MA 01851

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                                                        1. re: Janeinma

                                                          TK in Lowell YESSSSS.

                                                          Finale, Pffffffft. Would not eat their pastries if they were free.

                                                        2. Stone Hearth Pizza, Groupon $15 gets you $30. Valid at Cambridge, Belmont, Needham, Allston (but Allston doesn't open until September).

                                                          Stone Hearth Pizza
                                                          57 Leonard St, Belmont, MA 02478

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                                                          1. re: czarp

                                                            Thanks. Just picked mine up!

                                                            1. re: bear

                                                              YES! this is our fav go-to pizza spot so plse report back y'all. i highly recomm. The Bean w/ marinara sauce,goat cheese and bacon; and the Caramelized Onion, Sausage,Pepper; both with the whole wheat crust v well done.

                                                              1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                Rue La La: Sandrine's.

                                                                8 Holyoke St., Cambridge, MA 02138

                                                            1. Meat House in Brookline has hurricane special - 4 strip steaks plus 2 lb each chicken wings and turkey tips for 49.95 OR 5% off your purchase (no beer and wine on this deal).

                                                              The Meat House
                                                              1285 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446

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