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Food Truck Names?

We're arriving in Seattle tomorrow via the Clipper from Victoria BC. Our hotel is the Mayflower. We will not have a car but we were really hoping that we could check out some of' the food trucks Seattle is famous for. Can someone provide a few names and locations, that we could walk or take transit?

Any other not to be missed resto suggestions, within walking distance would greatly be appreciated too. So far we have heard about Serious Pie and Staple & Fancy. They sound worth checking out.

Oh and we don't do sushi! Other fish for sure!

Thanks chow friends!

Serious Pie
316 Virginia St, Seattle, WA 98101

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  1. "some of' the food trucks Seattle is famous for"

    You're thinking of Portland, not Seattle.

    We have that metal pig truck, but you're really just buying a mediocre sandwich and paying to look at the truck. And that truck with the sorry imitation of Japadogs.

    1. My two favorites are Where Ya At Matt (New Orleans soul food-- the shrimp and grits are spicy and to die for) and, if taco trucks count, El Asadero on Rainier Ave.

      1. Where Ya At Matt and Marination Mobile are really the only 2 food trucks worth seeking out in Seattle. El Asadero (aka the taco bus) on Rainier is good too (there are plenty of taco trucks - some good, some otherwise in White Center, Burien, and other southern reaches but if I'm going that far, I'm going to Taqueria La Estacion.) The other food trucks in town (Kao Samai, Maximus Minimus, Street Donuts) are pretty much junk.

        For ice cream trucks, Parfait stomps all over Molly Moon's face, but again you're better off going to a permanent establishment (Husky Deli) for ice cream than either of those.

        Taqueria La Estacion
        14820 Ambaum Blvd SW, Burien, WA 98166

        1. Seattle's limited food trucks are not really concentrated near downtown, and some of the highly regarded ones like Asadero are not especially easy to get to unless you're really motivated. I would instead concentrate on restaurants - among which Serious Pie and Staple & Fancy are two good ones (although Staple isn't downtown).

          Serious Pie
          316 Virginia St, Seattle, WA 98101

          1. Whoops. I swore I saw a Food Network show called "Eat Street" that talked about Seattle food trucks. Sounds like I'm confused and now a little red. But...am I ever glad I checked here, and didn't spend my day hunting down elusive food trucks that don't exist!

            We're really looking forward to seeing and eating Seattle! Thanks all!

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              If you are still interested, this is an interesting site:

              Skillet still makes appearances (but nicer to eat in their bricks and mortar spot), as does Street Treats. Still craving another Hallava Falafel.

            2. Seattle makes it really hard for a food truck to do business downtown. Maximus/Minimus (which I don't find terribly exciting) is usually at 2nd & Pike, but you'd probably be better off visiting whatever truck happens to be parked on 2nd & Pine. The sad truth is that most of the food trucks roving around Seattle are better at marketing than cooking.

              The two trucks I would actually recommend seeking out are Hallava Falafel and Where Ya At Matt. Both are in Georgetown on Thursdays, which is a 20-minute bus ride from downtown and worth it if there's something else in Georgetown you want to do.

              It's cheating, sure, but you could also just head up to Capitol Hill and visit the brick and mortar versions of Marination or Skillet.

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                I know this is off topic from the thread...

                But about 2 years ago I was in Seattle and went to a restaraunt called "BLU" is it still around?

              2. Cross the street to be on the 358 in minutes, Northbound toward more affordable rents.
                Get off at 130th and glimpse the Aurora sign for El Camion, at the North drive of the Home Depot lot, at 11728 Aurora Ave N.
                Get an order of the Gorditas. We like them all, but lately lean to chorizo, pibil, and adobada.
                A plate of 3 Gorditas is a lot of food for one, a satisfying little plate for two.
                What's the last huge tasting menu you had for ten bucks? (do tip, tip hard, do tip).

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                  There is a El Camion across from Qwest Field if you are coming from downtown. Yeah the food truck situation is pretty sad here but it looks like more are popping up. Of course Portland has a far superior street food scene(with the pods scattered throughout the city) , but overall Seattle has lot more going on for it restaurant wise than Portland.

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                    Yeah, I'm gonna have to politely disagree with you on that. For being a larger city, the dining options here are not nearly as exciting as those in Portland. There are maybe ten places here that I would like to try; in Portland, that number is much larger. I hope that the existence of decent carts inspires brick-and-mortar operations to up their game.

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                      Many of us, who appreciate the arrival of new tastes, tip hard, in hope of propelling these proprietors toward brick & morter digs.