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Coupons and Deals- July to August 2011


Some people like posts about restaurant deals, and other people loathe them. We're trying a new approach that will hopefully help people on both sides by making deal posts easier to find and easier to ignore.

This thread is now the place to mention local restaurant deals and coupons from sites like Groupon, Living Social, etc. We'll sticky it temporarily until people who post deals are aware it's there, and then allow it to float freely.

A couple of guidelines to keep in mind:

- You may not post deals with a referral link so that you get bonuses or payments for referring people. We know that sometimes that happens by accident, since it's not always clear that you're getting a referral link. We suggest logging out of the deal site and visiting the deal page to get a clean link. Normally, we make it a policy not to edit the content of user's posts without permission, however, in the case of deal threads, by posting, you're giving us permission to edit your link if it contains referral information. We will not edit any other text.

- Our usual insider rules apply ( http://www.chowhound.com/topics/36760... ), so if you're associated with either the deal site or the restaurant, you may not post.

- Please don't post every deal indiscriminately. This is Chowhound, not Cheaphound -- pick deals that you think your fellow hounds will be genuinely interested in, because they're from restaurants worth visiting. And feel free to comment on your experiences with the restaurant or recommend dishes -- more chow tips will make the threads more helpful. And others should feel free to reply and discuss. If we end up with a good sub-thread with more than a few posts going about a specific restaurant, please just use 'report' to flag it, and the mods can split it out to its own thread.

- Restaurants and food-specific businesses only, please, no deals for gyms, spas, etc.

Unfortunately, we can't merge threads, so if people post deals outside of the deal threads, we can't move them to the thread. Please use 'report' to flag them for us, and we'll touch base with the poster to have it reposted.

If you have any questions or comments about these new threads, please jump over to the Site Talk thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7941...

  1. "... This is Chowhound, not Cheaphound ..."

    Love it.

    1. Lola's Pollo a la Brasa (Van Nuys) -- Groupon Deal $15 of Food/Drink for $7. Deal can be used for takeout or dine-in and expires January 12, 2012.

      Lola's serves one of the better rotisserie chickens in LA.


      Lola's Pollo a la Brasa

      14851 Victory Blvd

      Van Nuys

      818 988-2181

      1. To celebrate 80 years, Canter's is offering 80-cent hot corned beef sandwiches tomorrow evening Tuesday July 12th from 4:00 P.M. to midnight. Expect Lines.

        Canter's Fairfax Restaurant
        419 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

        1. Blackboard Eats: 30% off lunch or dinner at Noir Food & Wine, Pasadena


          [Note to moderators: _not_ a referral link!]

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          1. re: Peripatetic

            As it is close to me and their wines looked interesting - I nabbed it. Any chow folks with reviews?

            1. re: happybaker

              I haven't been there, but it's on my to-try list.

              Here are some threads from from two years ago:


              1. re: happybaker

                We've been there a couple of times and really like it. The wine list is voluminous; if you're a fan of Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir, you'll be in heaven. It's a tiny place and can get quite loud inside; however, there is a very pleasant little patio which, on a warm summer evening, would be a great choice.

                1. re: Jack Flash

                  Oohhh.... Love SB Pinot Noir. This is good to know, thanks!

            2. great idea! i'm just sorry this came after i posted about the Groupon for Spread in WeHo.

              1. Another Tigeorge's offer, this time from Groupon:

                $12 for $25 Worth of Caribbean Fare and Drinks:

                (Here's the previous offer: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/786162)

                1. $10 for $20 Worth of Food and Drink at Umami Burger (5 Locations)


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                  1. Here's a travelzoo deal that looks pretty darn good, if you are looking for an indulgent brunch -

                    "For $49, savor brunch for 2 at Public Kitchen and Bar in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, reg. $99"


                    Public Kitchen and Bar
                    7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028

                    1. open table has a deal for AOC (going for another 30 hours or so)
                      $25 for $50

                      8022 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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                      1. re: samtron608

                        Link to AOC's deal -- $50 of Food/Drink for $25 at dinner or $30 Food/Drink for $15 at weekend brunch:


                        8022 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

                      2. 30% off dinner at Cabbage Patch in BH:

                        Received favorable reviews on CH when it first opened in 2009:

                        1. Does anyone have the promotional code for the Jonathan Golds breakfast event on Sunday August 28th?

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                          1. re: issey

                            i'd be surprised if there are any discounts/specials on tickets since a portion of the proceeds goes to charity.

                            but if you want to buy a full-price ($25) ticket, here's the link:

                          2. McDonalds has a Big Mac Mondays deal at the 16908 Parthenia Street, North Hills, CA location, every monday for $1.79, about half price.

                            1. Groupon for Chichen Itza...


                              Chichen Itza
                              3655 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007

                              1. Locanda Portofino
                                $25 for $50 of food and drink; $50 for $100 of food and drink


                                Haven't been there, but there have been a few positive mentions on the board, albeit with remarks that it's ridiculously expensive. Maybe these offers make it merely expensive.

                                Locanda Portofino
                                1110 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403

                                1. The Stand (Westwood) -- FREE Hot Dog Offer After 3:00PM

                                  For the opening of its WLA operations, Munch on Me is offering FREE Hot Dogs at The Stand (Westwood only). Offer expires 08/25/11.


                                  The Stand
                                  1116 Westwood Blvd
                                  Los Angeles

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                                  1. re: Norm Man

                                    Sunday, July 31, 2011 is th last day to sign up for a FREE Hot Dog at The Stand.

                                  2. Stan's Doughnuts -- FREE Donut Offer

                                    Munch on Me is also offering FREE Donuts (Peanut Butter Pocket or Cinnamon Roll) at Stan's Doughnuts in Westwood. Offer expires 12/18/11.


                                    Stan's Doughnuts
                                    10948 Weyburn Ave
                                    Los Angeles

                                    Stan's Doughnuts
                                    10948 Weyburn Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024

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                                    1. re: Norm Man

                                      Sunday, July 31, 2011 is the last day to sign up for a FREE Donut from Stan's Doughnuts.

                                      Stan's Doughnuts
                                      10948 Weyburn Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024

                                      1. re: soniabegonia

                                        Darn, I clicked that link - and it said it was dinner for one, only.


                                        1. re: happybaker

                                          what the heck? this morning it clearly said dinner for 2. must have been a mistake.

                                      2. Natas Pastries -- Four Course Protuguese Meal with Wine for Two ($40) or Four ($80)


                                        Natas Pastries

                                        13317 Ventura Blvd

                                        Sherman Oaks

                                        Natas Pastries
                                        13317 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA

                                        1. Stefan's at L.A. Farm -- $60 of Food/Drinks for $30 through Living Social


                                          Stefan's at L.A. farm
                                          3000 Olympic Blvd
                                          Santa Monica
                                          310 449-4000

                                          1. For those in the area the Burger King next to the Costco in Oxnard has Whoppers on Mondays for 88 cents each.

                                            1. Drago Centro -- $50 of Food/Drink for $25 through Open Table:


                                              Drago Centro
                                              525 S. Flower St.
                                              Los Angeles
                                              213 228-8998


                                              Drago Centro
                                              525 S. Flower St., Suite 120, Los Angeles, CA 90071

                                              1. Mezze - two offers via Bloomspot:
                                                1. $75 for six-course chef's tasting menu for two ($163 value)
                                                2. $30 for $60 of lunch food and drink


                                                1. Biergarten -- Save 50% at German/Asian Fusion Gastropub in Koreatown

                                                  Save 50% at Biergarten for NO cost (Free) through Scoutmob. Max discount is $20 and deal expires 11/01/11.



                                                  206 N. Western Ave

                                                  Los Angeles

                                                  323 466-4860




                                                  206 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004

                                                  1. Grindhaus Sausage Shop (Hollywood) -- $25 of Goods for $12 through Amazon


                                                    Grindhaus Sausage Shop

                                                    5634 Hollywood Blvd

                                                    Los Angeles

                                                    323 462-MEAT (6328).



                                                    Grindhaus Sausage Shop
                                                    5634 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

                                                    1. 30% off dinner at Le Saint Amour - via Black Board Eats


                                                      Le Saint Amour
                                                      9725 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

                                                      1. SGV Living Social has $25 cupon for $12 today for Tokyo Shabu Shabu. The Rowland Hts one is in Diamond Plaza and I've meant to take my Father. But no mentions on Chowhound regarding quality.

                                                        Diamond Plaza
                                                        1380 Fullerton Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

                                                        1. bloomspot - $65 for $100 of food and drink at Fig & Olive


                                                          Previous threads:


                                                          1. Jar Deal through Open Table -- $50 of Food/Drink for $25 at Dinner or $30 Food/Drink for $15 at Sunday Brunch


                                                            8225 Beverly Blvd
                                                            Los Angeles
                                                            323 655-6566

                                                            1. 30% off lunch or dinner at Momed via Black Board Eats


                                                              Previous threads:


                                                              233 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

                                                              1. Nonna of Italy...deal on Travelzoo. $69 - Al Fresco Italian Dining for 2 w/Wine, Reg. $150.
                                                                Has anyone tried Nonna of Italy & is it Chowhound material?

                                                                • Any two appetizers or insalates, such as the sashimi-grade Hawaiian ahi tuna tartare; or the Barbabietola Caprese with wood-oven-roasted gold and ruby beets, fresh mozzarella and basil oil

                                                                • Two entrees including the spaghetti Aragosta with a half Maine lobster and arrabiata or pomodoro sauce; or the prime New York steak from the wood oven with roasted potatoes and sauteed spinach (up to $32 each)

                                                                • Any two desserts, such as the tiramisu and carrot cake

                                                                • Any two glasses of red or white wine from the menu


                                                                1. Fatburger (Irvine location only) -- $16 Food/Drink for $8 through Deal Grind. Deal expires 09/30/11.


                                                                  Fatburger Irvine
                                                                  3021 Michelson Drive
                                                                  949 474-5060

                                                                  1. Valentino -- $50 of Food/Drink for $25 through Open Table:


                                                                    3115 Pico Blvd
                                                                    Santa Monica
                                                                    310 829-4313


                                                                    1. Bar Food (West LA Gastropub) -- $30 of Food/Drink for $15


                                                                      Bar Food
                                                                      12217 Wilshire Blvd
                                                                      Los Angeles
                                                                      310 820-3274


                                                                      1. Cookie Casa Bakery (Culver City) -- $36 Sampler Box for $18 through Living Social


                                                                        Cookie Casa Bakery
                                                                        10868 Washington Blvd
                                                                        Culver City
                                                                        310 922-6396



                                                                        1. Papaya King -- 30% Off through Blackboard Eats. Passcode expires 10/25/11.


                                                                          Papaya King

                                                                          1645 Wilcox Ave

                                                                          Los Angeles

                                                                          (323) 871-8799

                                                                          Papaya King
                                                                          1645 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

                                                                          1. The York (Gastropub) -- 30% Off Lunch through Blackboard Eats:


                                                                            The York
                                                                            5018 York Blvd
                                                                            Los Angeles
                                                                            (323) 255-9675


                                                                            1. Cafe Tropical -- $25 Punch Card (Redeemable for $5 per visit) for $12 through Groupon


                                                                              Cafe Tropical
                                                                              2900 W. Sunset Blvd
                                                                              Los Angeles
                                                                              323 661-8391


                                                                              Cafe Tropical
                                                                              2900 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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