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Jul 6, 2011 01:44 PM

Indian with good seafood selection

I was in SF a week back and was able to get really different fish tandoori and fish pakora, both of which are notably absent from our usual set of Indian restaurants in West Chester and on Rte. 30. I think SF may have ruined the local group for me, but before I conclude that, I thought I would ask. Is there an Indian restaurant in Chester Co (preferably on the West Chester - Phoenixville axis) that would have a decent selection of seafood, especially fish.

TIA for any ideas.

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  1. Francis are you looking for any Indian restaurant that serves fish tandoori? Or are you looking for a restaurant that has multiple different fish dishes or fish appetizers and entrees?

    I have seen Fish tandoori dishes in several of the Indian restaurants in the Bensalem area ... (never remember seeing Fish pakora though.) Also its possible that South Indian restaurants will have a greater variety given the proximity to the sea of Madras and other great bastions of Indian cuisine in the southern portion of India.

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      Probably multiple different fish dishes. India has a large coastal area on both east and west sides, so you would think that there would be a big tradition of fish dishes.

      I did go to a local (West Chester) place last night, somewhat Pan-Asian, not particularly Indian, that had both, but neither was all that good.

      Bensalem is getting a bit far for me. But thanks all the same for replying.

    2. It's a bit more East than you desired area but the very best Indian around is Cafe Bombay in Bristol Borough. Their fish malabar is SUPERB. If you give him some advance notice, I'm sure that he will readily accommodate any special request that you would have for pakora, etc.