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Jul 6, 2011 12:38 PM

Vence/St. Paul de Vence area / Restaurant recommendation

We're staying at the Hotel Le Hameau in St. Paul de Vence in early September 2011. I'm looking for a recommendation on a restaurant for my significant other's birthday.
Quality of the food and the decor/setting are the primary factors with consistency of quality being a key.
Any restaurant can have a bad day but a high quality restaurant should maintain consistency. My experience has been that lunch , particularly at michelin starred restaurants are much lees expensive and we have tended to make that our bigger meal. I usually prefer restaurants that are not connected with a hotel but i'm open . Owner/cook with emphasis/respect for local ingredients is a plus. Willing to drive within a 60-75 km radius

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  1. Had a lovely dinner at Chez Grandmere in Tourette sur Loup

    1. The choices within 75km are many. For a special meal on the outskirts of Vence go to Les Bacchanales, which is now consistantly very good. In Vence, try Les Agapes.

      1. There's rarely a need in France to drive 75km for a great restaurant! And certainly not in Vence area...

        It's touristy, but you could do lunch (as you indicated above) at La Colombe d'Or. It is unique, it feels like you are eating in a museum, the artwork here is spectacular. (And priceless, all the big names are here, they would exchange a painting for a stay or a meal!).

        Although it is connected with the hotel, Le St Martin in Vence is nearly perfect. Great food, service and a great view to boot.

        For a stand-alone restaurant, Dufau's Les Bacchanales in Vence is sublime.

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          Thanks everyone for all your helpful comments, We've made a reservation at Les Bacchanales in September and I will post my comments at that time

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            We had a beautiful experience at Les Bacchanales. Dined in the back garden with live jazz and Monsieur dufau's explanation of each course. I loved his version of polenta with girolles and eggplant. Apparently he dries his own corn and uses that in the polenta mix. Roast squab was also wonderfully rich and the house smoked Chevre introduced a new taste to me.
            Thanks again for the recommendation.

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              Glad to hear that! Where else have you been on your trip?