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Jul 6, 2011 12:28 PM

Town House

Anyone been recently? Is it worth the drive from Richmond?

Town House
132 E Main St, Chilhowie, VA 24319

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  1. It's been 18 months or so. I wouldn't drive that far just for dinner, but if you have a reason to visit Abingdon or make a weekend of it, it's a wonderful dinner. Then again, I won't drive far for much.

    1. My husband and a fishing buddy went last month and said it is worth the trip, but that it's a long trip. They had a fabulous time.

      We are trying to figure a way to get there in the fall. They have a farmhouse close by they have made into two luxury rooms for lodging and they will drive you to and from dinner.

      1. I was there in April and it was still just as fantastic as before!

        Not only did everything taste wonderful, but it delights on so many other levels. I consider it very well worth my 4 hour drive.

        1. I'm driving from Charlotte next month - so I think it's worth it!

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            And it was in my top 3 meals in the US.
            Absolutely spectacular!

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              My husband wore khaki slack and a button up shirt. I don't think he wore a jacket.