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Jul 6, 2011 12:09 PM

Good lunch spot: LOCAL in Chappaqua

Went the other day and had a nice experience. I had kale salad and added turkey. My friend got a beet salad with grilled chicken. Both were served with multigrain rolls and butter. They were really very good both had great dressings. The sizes were ample( not huge/not tiny) and fairly priced $9 plus $2 for added turkey or chicken.
Nice to have another spot. DIdn't have dessert, but the sundaes did look/sound really time

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  1. Bump. This place is great. Fun to go for dessert or a mid-day salad or sandwich.

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      I've been a couple of times and really liked what I had--soups, salads. People are nice, too. Definitely recommended.

    2. The soups are exceptional and the music selection is cool.