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Jul 6, 2011 11:32 AM

Blackfish or Modo Mio?

Hi Chowhounds,

Unbenownst to each other, my boyfriend and I each made a reservation for our anniversary dinner this Friday - him at Blackfish and me at Modo Mio.

Which restaurant should we choose? We have not been to either.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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  1. Much as I love Modo Mio, for a special meal I would definitely go to Blackfish.

    1. They're both very good, very far apart though! I'd go to whichever is closest, unless you will be bothered by the (very cramped, loud) atmosphere at Modo Mio, in which case I'd go to Blackfish, it's quieter (though still cramped).

      1. I love both. If money is any consideration, Blackfish probably could be close to double Modo Mio.

        1. We love Blackfish! In all fairness, we have not been to Modo Mio. It is on our list though.

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          1. re: crazyspice

            both great neighborhood spots but Blackfish is significantly better IMO. I've been there many times (modo mio -- only 2X) and I am never disappointed. The food is awesome. +1 for your boyfriend.

            1. re: knappy123

              We decided to go with Blackfish - more of an occasion destination (maybe for a proposal...? fingers crossed haha) . Modo Mio remains at the top of my list, however. Thanks all!

          2. I was at Modo Mio two months ago. Extremely Salt-forward and kinda sloppy. Had good experiences before. Blackfish is a little more refined, on the whole.