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Jul 6, 2011 11:31 AM

Menu changed or not at the new Fleur?

Is this place casual or semi formal? Can't quite put my finger on it. small plates to linger over several hours or regular portions?

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  1. Casual, but not beachwear casual. Small plates all the way, it's a Tapas format.

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    1. re: skaboy

      Fleur participates in The current discount code is SHARE which is good for 70% off, but it expires today.

      Here is link to the menu:

      1. re: westie

        I see this is a 50 for 20 dollars but you must spend 100. How is that 70% off and where do you put in the code? Can you use more than one coupon per table?

        1. re: itryalot

          That code is for 70% off the $20 so you'd be paying $6 for the $50 cert.
          Be sure to read all the fine print on using the certs as there's lots of it.

          Also, ALWAYS has coupon codes. So even though that 70% code expires today, chances are high the next one will be for 80% at which point they'll drop down to 40% and then make their way up again.

          Haven't been to Fleur, but I've used certs several times at Aureole with no problem.

          1. re: zippyh

            Sure enough, it's 80 today.
            Yes, can use once a month only.

            1. re: itryalot

              You can only use on gift cert once a month?
              Im looking to go to Aureole and see that $50 for $20 aint bad deal.
              Add the promo code, and its a great deal.

              Anything else I need to know about buying and using these?

              1. re: century81

                Just make sure that you read all the fine print on the certificate. Some restaurants don't accept coupons on weekends, for example. Some restaurants have mandatory tip on the pre-discounted check (one reason why waiters occasionally bristle at accepting the coupons). Be sure and tip the amount you would like on the PRE-discounted total, and everyone will be happy. I've never had a serious problem with The one time a restaurant closed before I could redeem the coupon, the site gave me a credit for the total amount. Fair enough.

                Although not required, I usually tell waiters upfront that I've got a coupon, and they appreciate the heads up.

                1. re: century81

                  I am pretty sure; did you get yours? I will have to reread mine.

      2. I see it; are there any expiration dates on these?

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