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Jul 6, 2011 11:26 AM

best coffee in kensington market

there are a few coffee places in kensington market. who do you think makes the best coffee?

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  1. also, i noticed a newish one on augusta, in this very narrow shop.. it's the one closest to college. anyone try it? any good?

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    1. re: helenhelen

      You're likely thinking of Cafe Pamenar. The espresso-based coffee is very good (haven't tried their brewed coffee yet) - I recognize one of the baristas there as having worked at Sam James in the past. The space is nice too (the poured concrete counter, the vintage bric-a-brac everywhere), and they have a very cute patio out back that's a nice escape from the chaos of Kensington Market.

      1. re: NegativeSleep

        yes, that's the place! i tried their iced coffee but it was a bit too watered down with the ice (or do they add more water to it.. wasn't paying attention!).

        best iced coffee (not in the market) = white squirrel! still rich tasting, despite the cooling ice.