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Jul 6, 2011 11:11 AM


Now that Vetri has moved to tasting menu only, does anyone know what the price is for the wine pairing? The website shows $135 pp for the tasting menu, but no mention of the wine pairings. Also, how many courses are generally included in the tasting menu? Do you have a choice of different dishes for each course or are they all set in advance?

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  1. i believe the wine pairing was like another $125 on top of the tasting or some number that seemed really high at the time. you can still also do by the glass, by the bottle, or a carafe (which was a very nice option that we utilized during a visit last month). below is a list of what we had between two people, most of the courses are actually different plates for each person so you get to taste quite a bit more that way.

    Initially when you sit down they present you with the menu which is divided up into three or four sections (i can confirm when i get home tomorrow) of something like appetizers, from the soil, from the sea, and dessert. they ask if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, noting you can make your menu pescatarian, vegetarian, or pasta heavy if you would prefer. then they ask you to review the menu and let them know if there's anything you don't particularly like, or if there is something that is a standout dish for you that they will make sure to include in the tasting (nice touch). the menu doesn't list specific dishes, just major components/ingredients.

    we had (divided by course, pasted from an email with some notes):
    complimentary glasses of prosecco
    crudite plate + charcuterie plate
    bread + olives
    poached foie in fennel broth (x2)
    soft shell crab w/green beans and fregola, sweet onion crepe with white truffle (basically deconstructed french onion soup - A+)
    spinach gnocchi w/brown butter, almond tortellini w/truffle sauce (this was amazing, and a little sweet - amaretti cookies maybe?)
    rigatoni bolognese (x2)
    mesquite smoked braised baby goat w/polenta, dry aged ribeye with roasted pepper & corn and scorched tomato salad (this goat was awesome. not gamey at all and the crispy meat on the tiny little ribs was like GOAT BACON)
    'pre dessert' of strawberry ice cream (x2)
    cheese plate (small gripe: this was $10 extra, and the way it was presented by the server was 'would you like your dessert course or a cheese course or the cheese course and dessert as well' no mention of the extra price and also not disclosed on the written menu. still delicious though)
    molten center pistachio cake w/white choc gelato (stunning.), sicilian cherry cake w/cherry gelato
    petit fours which we had to wrap due to fullness: cappuccino and raspberry macarons, elderflower marshmallow, 2 pieces of fudge.
    oh and they sent us home w/2 zucchini muffins.