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Jul 6, 2011 10:07 AM

Is there a better place to buy fresh orange/grapefruit juice or lemon/limeade than Stew Leonards?

$7/half gallon is hard to beat, and the juice is fresh! I just hate driving to that out of the way area on I-87 near Tuckahoe road or Cross County (from any point north requires a toll so I rule that out on principle). Plenty of restaurants, cafes, delis, and small markets have fresh orange juice in smaller sizes, but it's way more, like $2.50-$4 for a cup or so. I've seen expensive half gallon jugs in supermarkets claiming to be fresh, but have my doubts.

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  1. Fairway: Fresh squeezed OJ, $4.99./Half gallon. A LOT cheaper than Stew's!

    Most supermarkets do NOT have fresh, check the labels.

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    1. re: menton1

      Wow, that is cheaper, and an easier drive! I'll let you know how it tastes. Your second sentence is true also, but in the produce section of Stop and Shop (I know, I know...) they have or had something more expensive than the pasteurized brands that said "fresh squeezed" and it wasn't great when I tried it some while ago.

    2. we live north and used to pay the toll but our gps figured out a faster way and it doesn't include a toll. take the sprain to jackson ave exit, right at jackson ave, left on sprain rd.

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      1. re: vinouspleasure

        That's a great tip vinous, thanks. I look at the maps frequently and couldn't tell if any of the nearby toll free roads reached Stew Leonards Drive. My guess was no but I'm glad at least one does. There's an Austin Ave off 9A that looks like it might connect also, do you know?

        1. re: ExtraCheese1

          Fairway is assuredly fresh squeezed, non-pasteurized. Also the rest of Fairway will eliminate any desire to go back to Stew's again!

          1. re: menton1

            I might agree with you except Stews' lobster rolls are an exceptional value at $10 for 2 (the hot dog buns do look and taste a little too supermarketish). The Pelham Fairway never had such an offering as far as I know, unlike the Brooklyn one which did for a time. I've glanced at the lobster salad several times in Pelham and was not dazzled, perhaps I should let my taste buds decide.

            1. re: ExtraCheese1

              Are these lobster rolls served hot, or are they cold for take home?

              1. re: menton1

                It's a cold lobster salad in mayo on 2 hot dog rolls with a lemon slice and parsley sprig. Kept in the open fridge or on the ice shelves in the seafood dept. With their volume and reputation for customer satisfaction they'd probably shell it fresh and serve it on a roll with butter upon request. The outdoor carnival-like food court has burgers, whole lobster, etc and also lobster rolls on the menu so perhaps they do it the traditional New England style, I haven't tried those.

              2. re: ExtraCheese1

                I was just at Stew's and saw that the lobster roll prices have risen to $12!!!! There are now so many on the shelves too

                That's too rich for my blood in both senses of the cliche.

                I still recommend the juice though.

            2. re: ExtraCheese1

              Austin Ave is closed - definitely take the Sprain to Jackson avenue. Sprain road is just after you cross over the thruway.

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                Thanks, goes to show that the internet maps are only approximate, it's best to check with someone who's actually been there.

                1. re: ExtraCheese1

                  you need to head west on Jackson, cross over the throughway, take a left at the cemetary. Road takes you in along home depot.

                  1. re: rolise

                    Home Depot, sounds like some scary driving! I better go 8 am saturday.

                    1. re: ExtraCheese1

                      The traffic to Home Depot is usually heavier coming off the thruway, where they have to make a left off the road into the parking lot. Off sprain road it isn't so bad - traffic that way is lighter and you have the right of way going straight on the road.

                      A better reason to go to Stew Leonard's early is the traffic in the store, not on the street. ;)

          2. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods also have Fresh-squeezed juices at similar price to Fairway.

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            1. re: Westjanie

              All juices at Trader Joe's are Pasteurized (meaning: processed). They are NOT fresh squeezed!

              1. re: Westjanie

                What menton said. I thought I saw a type of juice bar at Trader Joe's but it might've been a weird health food wheat germ apple shake or something. I've heard that Whole Foods has it (though I don't recall seeing any during my occasional visits there), but Greenwich is a bit of a drive (I've heard horrible things about the one in White Plains) and Whole Foods is pricey.

                1. re: ExtraCheese1

                  The Wholefoods in WP is just fine. Park on the second floor away from the crazies, use the elevator. Parking is free if you get in and out in an hour or less and spend $15 or more. Lots of reasonably priced stuff there and good quality.

                  1. re: Elisa515

                    Thanks Elisa, but I'd rather support the many businesses and municipalities that don't charge fees to park or use certain roads. Do you remember how much the juice there is? If it's a good price I'll remember it the next time I'm in Greenwich.

                    1. re: ExtraCheese1

                      You don't have to pay to park there, that's my point. I certainly support plenty of different stores, including remembering to support my terrific local store, Zeytinia.

                      I haven't bought fresh-squeezed juice at WF, but I can tell you all about the price of Brown Cow yogurt. :-)

              2. Ok, I've tried Fairway's and it's good. My first impression is that Stew's is slightly better based on taste and the fact that there's a visible staff of juice press operators in back of the stand continuously preparing new jugs. Zeytinia I think only has cups (I've been to Croton, Wilton (closed), Bryant Park, and the Amish Market).

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                1. re: ExtraCheese1

                  Great. And Fairway is $2/half gallon cheaper.

                  BTW, I also took your advice and tried Stew's Lobster Rolls. Good deal, but much too much mayonnaise and too much onion flavor for my taste. Can't stand the way they make you go through every square inch (like Ikea) but that's their MO, I suppose.

                  (Is Stew still running the operation? I know a few years back he was indicted for some hanky-panky)

                  1. re: menton1

                    It's funny next to the fresh Fairway juice there's some gourmet brand that's "flash pasteurized" (translation: RUN!!!) for seven bucks. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

                    As you know, the hassle of Stews' layout and accessibility (the papa's legal troubles by the way were over taxes, not the food thank God, his son now runs the show) prompted my inquiry, now that I have a juice alternative I'll think more about the lobster.

                    1. re: menton1

                      I used to hate the layout too but I've come to love it. It's a festive place, they serve great samples all over the store, the people that work there are a pleasure and we find each section fun to walk through.

                      1. re: vinouspleasure

                        Yes, I always saw the juice bottles sitting in the ice but never really decided to buy any until I saw the large tray of sample cups and tried one (actually more than one). The Disneyland gimmicks are fun, no question.

                        1. re: ExtraCheese1

                          Yes, Ikea is also successful with their " one aisle" layout. If you're in a rush, or just want a couple of quick items, it's VERY annoying though.

                  2. As of 2014, you'll notice the price of Fairway or Stew Leonard's have both jumped to $5.99, I am remembering Whole Foods is now above $6.29.... Hint: NOTICE CAPS WITH FRESH SQUEEZED PRINTED ON TOP... Otherwise it's more than likely Pasteurized in one form or another, not made in the back of the store from the oranges in stock. BTW, savoring Fairway OJ right now as a treat... Fantastic. But I also bought 2 1/2s of Florida's Natural as my go-to juice.

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                    1. re: musicom67

                      An increased price at Fairway, what a surprise.

                      1. re: MisterBill2

                        Fairway is bleeding money and subject to shareholder lawsuits.

                        1. re: Barrels41

                          Interesting. Of course, one has to wonder if raising prices helps or if it just reduces sales.

                          That they've now given up most of Westchester to Whole Foods isn't a particularly smart thing to do, either. And if WF goes to Chappaqua as seems possible, it will be even worse for Fairway, should they ever get around to opening another store here.

                          1. re: MisterBill2

                            I wish they would open in Hartsdale to replace the always empty new Mrs. Green's debacle.

                            1. re: Barrels41

                              Fairway? That location isn't nearly big enough for them.

                              Does anyone know where the next Fairway is opening? Now that they've opened Lake Grove they should have another one listed as opening next.

                              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                Yes, they are trying to get approval to build at Chappaqua Crossing, aka where Readers Digest used to be. Of course many locals don't want it, claiming there will be too much traffic and compete with downtown (as if downtown Chappaqua has anything remotely comparable). Hopefully at least some of the folks who would be complaining if a Stop & Shop wanted to open are salivating at the idea of a WFM opening and will be in favor of it.