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Jul 6, 2011 10:03 AM

Can I grow a Curry Tree in Albuquerque?

I'd love to plant a Curry Tree -- Tamil name: kariveppilai; also called veppu- neem or ilai-leaf. (Latin Names: Murraya koenigii AKA Bergera koenigii, Chalcas koenigii). Does anyone have experience growing or trying to grow this plant in the high desert southwest US? And can anyone recommend a good source for seedlings, preferably organically cultivated? Thank you.

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  1. Hi there. how is your curry plant (growing/search)? I am looking for a neem tree in albuquerque. got any suggestions?
    bless you!

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      Hi, Have had to drop that project for a while, I'm afraid, but when I was researching, I came across this place: . I haven't found any nursery in NM that sells neem or kariveppilai seeds or seedlings, so online sources seem like the best option. Good luck!