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Jul 6, 2011 08:38 AM

St Louis this Friday to Saturday Afternoon

Hello all

I am traveling to St. Louis this weekend. This is my first trip to the area. I drove through once on my way home from Tempe AZ to Chicago back in my college days but did not stop to eat.

Unfortunately this trip is to attend a memorial service for my husband's frien. A young man who was taken from this world entirely too early. So we will be at the services Friday from 3-9PM. I am looking for a place for a small group of 40 year olds to grab a drink or two afterwards and have a chance to talk and share some happy memories.

We also are looking for ideas on breakfast and lunch on Saturday before returning home. Maybe BBQ or Italian for lunch. We will have a car and we are staying at the Renaissance Hotel.


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  1. For BBQ, for sure the two best choices are Pappy's, and Bogart's.

    My current fave is Bogart's.


    1. There's a Renaissance at the airport and one downtown. If you're staying downtown then Pappy's is an easy and brief drive and I recommend you take it. There are lots of places in the Central West End where you could sit and talk with your friends. In fact, there are lots of places around town to fill that bill, depending upon what kind of atmosphere you're seeking. Give us a little more info.

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        We are at the Renaissance on Washington St. I think we will go to Pappy's for lunch Saturday. As far as Friday evening I think we would like something within walking distance to the hotel. Low key with a good beer/wine list. No sports bars. A lounge type bar would be fine....

        1. re: lmem1

          I am not sure how close it is for walking or not but think about the Tap Room for Dinner. 21st and Locust. Great brew and pretty good Pub/better than Pub food.


      2. Thanks for the responses. One last question. Which of these would you suggest for breakfast Saturday: Goody Goody Diner, Rooster or Soulards?

        Goody Goody Diner
        5900 Natural Bridge Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63120

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        1. re: lmem1

          If I DID go to Goody Goody, I would not order Breakfast. I would go with this...

          1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

            I was thinking the Tap Room might be good for you, too. Weekends can be busy, and thus noisy, but you could ask for a quieter area, it's a pretty big place. I'm sorry about your friend. Do you know in what part of St. Louis the memorial service is? There aren't a lot of places for that downtown, and where you are at 9:00 p.m. could influence which places we recommend for you. Pappy's and Bogart's are both great choices for lunch...I love Bogart's, but prepare for a line.

            Tap Room
            170 S Main St, Hoisington, KS 67544

            1. re: tonifi

              Bogart's is wonderful and only slightly further south of downtown than Pappy's is west. I'd go to Bogart's. A good evening place for what you seek is the Bridge Tap House, and there is a second level with some more secluded seating. Great drinks and small plates. Same owners as Rooster (a great breakfast spot, btw) and both are an easy walk from the hotel on Locust. Washington is well lit and has foot traffic well into the evening. I'd say it is generally safe, though use street smarts, of course. Sorry, too, for your loss. Let us know if we can help in any other ways.


              1. re: ddfry3

                Depending on what you wnat, Bridge Tap Room might fit better than Schlafly Tap Room. Schlafly is a typical brew pub -- kind of noisy, bustling and pedestrian. Bridge Tap Room is more loungy, quieter and more upscale. Either are fine, though I think the food and drink are better at Bridge.

                Schlafly Tap Room
                2100 Locust St, Saint Louis, MO 63103

          2. re: lmem1

            Three very different kinds of places. Goody Goody is what it advertises to be in its name: a diner. Rooster has terrific breakfast and is the closest to where you're staying. I'd likely make that my choice. I agree with other posters about the Tap Room (and, once again, the always reliable link manager has come up with a restaurant by the same name that is hundreds of miles away. The SchlaflyTap Room is quite nearby and not in Kansas.)

            1. re: alan

              Tap Room, Rooster and Bogarts it is. Thank you!

              1. re: lmem1

                Schlafly's is not a bad choice to hoist a few in memory of your husband's friend, it is big so if they're feeling mournful you don't have to be near the band, if it's more of a celebration of his life than a requiem it can accommodate that too and so much the better.

          3. Well we had a nice time in St Louis even under the circumstances. Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions. We ended up having time for a small group dinner Friday night and we decided on Mosaic as some in the group are gluten free and they picked the place. The food was really tasty. My husband and I split the caprese salad, short rib sliders and Chicken dish. Everything was flavorful, service was good, wine was good. All in all a very pleasant experience.

            We went to Roosters for breakfast and sat at the bar because the place was packed! Great coffee and food. I had a bacon, mushroom, arugula and gruyere cheese scramble...very very good and nice size portion. My husband had the 3 eggs crepe and that was spot on as well. Service a tad slow but again the place was really crowded.

            We took a quick ride through the hill and stopped at Vivianos for some take home goodies. We got some spicy sopressata, olives and wine.

            Hopefully we will get back down to your fine town again someday soon. We would like to try Niche next time!

            Thanks again!

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            1. re: lmem1

              Oh and I forgot we also stopped by the Bridge House Tap Room for a beer and loved it! The menu looked amazing. If we had not already eaten at Mosaic we would have eaten here. Great ambiance fantastic beer list. Would go back.

              1. re: lmem1

                Oh, thank you, lmem. We love to hear feedback! I hope you can visit again for happier reasons. I haven't been to Rooster in a while, thanks for reminding me that I owe myself a return visit.
                And I confess that some of the draw for me at Viviano's is the fact that all the Viviano boys are, um, fine examples of Italian-American manhood, and really nice guys. (And yeah, the boys are all middle-aged now, as am I, but still...) And, of course, the mortadella.

            2. I'm always amused when I read about trips, like yours, and realize we could have been at Viviano's at the same time that day because we took a trip in to the Hill, too. Picked up Mexican Coca-Cola they had on ice and some wine.

              Took a walk down to Bertarelli's cutlery shop down the street a ways, and drooled over the knives for a while. Beautiful.

              We also took in Lulu's down on Olive for dim sum, and that made a very yummy day.