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Jul 6, 2011 07:51 AM

Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow Food!

Hi all, a buddy and I are taking a trip to Europe tomorrow, going to Berlin for 4 days, and Warsaw and Krakow for 2.5 days each.

We're looking for recommendations on the best kebabs, schnitzel, currywurst, pierogis, or whatever other delicious local food you can't really find in the states, especially if it's cheap and plentiful or unique. We're also big foodies, so while we're not really focused on going to any Michelin stared places or the like, we wouldn't mind going to one or two meals that are fancy/pricey if it's either amazing local food (the best white table cloth schnitzel?) or something world famous. Otherwise, we don't need any reco's for some excellent asian restaurant in Berlin, we've got enough of those to conquer here in NYC.

Our hotels are centrally located in all 3 cities, but we'll take any recommendations and see how we can fit them into our daily touristy plans.

Bonus points if someone can suggest a doner kebab tour!


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  1. Berlin's best döner kebab:
    Hasir -- get the dürüm döner (Kreuzberg / Adalbertstr. & Schöneberg / Maaßenstr.)
    Imren -- more like a shwarma, they bake their own bread

    Best schnitzel:... well, you'll get arguments on this one. My personal favorites are @
    Jolesch - Muskauer Str. / Kreuzberg and
    Wirtshaus zum Mitterhofer - Fichtestr. / Kreuzberg

    Best currywurst:
    Currybaude - Gesundbrunnen / Moabit
    Bier's Curry & Spieße - S-Bahnhof Friedrichstraße

    Nice sit-down places: Renger-Patzsch, Noi Quattro, Neubau, Hartmanns, Weinbar Rutz.\

    Guten Hunger!

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      Thanks so much, linguafood! This is awesome, exactly the type of info we're looking for.

      Anyone have advice for the Polish cities, or any other recos for Berlin?


    2. Krakow:

      My full write-up is here but I'll summarize for you:

      We ate at two pierogie places: PIEROZKI U VINCENTA and ZAPIECEK POLSKIE PIEROGARNIE. Of the two we really preferred Vincenta. They had a nice garlic sauce and the pierogies just seemed better.

      There's a fun street food in Plac Nowy, called Zapiekanka that's like a long pseudo-pizza covered with all sorts of toppings. Loved that. Plac Nowy (which is in Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter) is also surrounded by some very nice bars/cafes (Alchemy, Singer


      There's an outdoor grill stand/restaurant at the foot of Wawel hill called PRYZYSHAK STARAPOLSKA thta we had a couple of snacks at. It was particularly nice to sit outside at such a scenic spot.

      But probably our favorite outdoor snack was the blue van kielbasa guy. He parks by a bridge a short walk from the old town center from 8pm-3am. Chowhound turned us on to this local favorite and I'm glad we went!

      Another tip on a place that we really loved was Wodka Cafe Bar, very close to the town center, on Mikolajska. It's a tiny little two table bar with an awesome selection of different Polish vodkas and a friendly atmosphere. There are more commercial places on the main market square to sit outside and have a drink, and they're lovely for the view, but there was something more endearing about Wodka Cafe Bar. I love that little place. (Try the honey vodka and the hazelnut vodka. Very cool stuff!)

      One thing that's unique to Krakow that's NOT that exciting is the milk bar. It's a classic communist era holdover where you can get cafeteria style food for cheap. Love the idea, didn't love the food.

      We saw some kebab stands but weren't interested in them. Didn't look like something worth taking space away from zapiekanka and kielbasa.

      If you want to see some photos of the outdoor places in Krakow check them out here:

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        "We saw some kebab stands but weren't interested in them."

        You saw SOME kebab stands?? We walked from Market Square to Wawel on Grodzka (I think). It seemed like every other storefront was selling kebabs.

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          I may have mentally filtered them out but I didn't see as many as I was expecting. Maybe compared to Vienna...

          1. re: kukubura

            There were an awful lot. But no sight sadder than a Subway just off Market Square. Total head-scratcher.

      2. I quite like Mustafa's for a good kebab.

        1. We had a great meal here in Krakow (in touristy Market Square but it was quite good):

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