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Jul 6, 2011 06:10 AM

Bachelor Party Help!

My fiance and his friends are heading to Philly (from NYC) for a night for his bachelor party. As much as I don't want to be involved in planning this- it seems like the groomsmen are having a hard time figuring out where to eat dinner and go out afterwards. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good steak house or pub grub in addition to areas where there are plenty of good bars?

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  1. Depends what kinds of bars they like. There are plenty of good steakhouses; I did a bachelor party at Barclay Prime a couple years ago which was good and fun. Others to look into are Butcher & Singer and Del Frisco's (small high end chain), plus the usual chains. All are in walking distance of the Rittenhouse Square area bars and a strip along 15th Street between Chestnut and Spruce. There is also a strip along 13th St between Chestnut and Walnut, with a few on Sansom near 13th. Those areas are all a mix of upscale bars, cocktail bars, wine bars, divier bars, and college-type bars.

    For more club-style bars (think vodka & redbull crowd) there are the Old City bars, clustered around 2nd & Chestnut. Another option is the Northern Liberties area, where you won't find a steakhouse but there is plenty of good grub. The bars up there are more chill/hipster, though there are a couple dance places with a hipster vibe--700 Club and The Barbary--and McFaddens on Spring Garden is more of a college type atmosphere. That area also puts you in walking distance of Delilah's, probably the best strip club in the city and actually manages to be quite classy. Delilah's also has a steakhouse inside which is supposed to be pretty good, though I haven't eaten there.

    Couple other tips--Voyeur in Old City is one of the few after-hours bars (open past 2:00am) and while I don't recommend it, Show & Tel in South Philly is a strip club open past 2:00am; it becomes BYOB at that point. They'd need to cab it there.

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      If they hit the No Libs/Fishtown area, I'd recommend Starr's new beer garden, Frankford Hall, either for dinner or beers.

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        Ahh thank you so much! This is a massive, massive help! Butcher & Singer looks perfect and there's a Crowne Plaza a few blocks away! Lol although I might leave out the Delilah's part- I'm sure if they're looking for that I don't want to know :P.

        Thank you so much again- you're a life saver!

        Butcher & Singer
        555 Lincoln Dr W, Marlton, NJ 08053

      2. Just an FYI, Voyeur is a gay club. It's a great time, but it may not be the right vibe for a bachelor party.

        All of the other recommendations seem right on the money. My husband went to a few bachelor parties that went to Chifa or Fogo de Chao and they had a great time. Chains, I know, but give a bunch of guys a nonstop variety of grilled meats and they seem to be happy campers :)

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          Ha forgot about the gay club part--I only know it from the Making Time parties which are pretty diverse.