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Jul 6, 2011 04:05 AM

Recommendations for family-friendly in Lake George?

I will be in Lake George in a few weeks with my husband and two young kids (3 and 6 y/o). Would appreciate any family-friendly restaurant recommendations, along with any other ideas for things to do in the area - best mini golf, amusement park, arcade, ice cream, etc.; also, any ideas for indoor activities would be great (ie children's museum, etc). Thank you in advance!

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  1. Our best meal was surprisingly at the Adirondack Pub and Brewery just south of town. They had root beer for the kids which my ds loves. We had simple burgers I don't know if I would try anything fancier. My dh liked grandma's back porch but I thought food was bland. kid friendly though. Great ice cream at road side stand near local great adventure amusement park-great escapes which was much kid friendlier than the one in nj. my ds frankly has never met a mini golf he does not like there was one on rte 9 near our hotel (windham) he liked best.

    Back to food. Our hotel recommended Georges but neglected to say make a reservation and go for early bird special as otherwise expensive. Prime rib supposed to be excellent. salad bar was very good. Our experience was ruined because we went late had to wait and ds had a tantrum. All of which you could avoid with early bird and reservations. We also ate I think at Boardwalk restaurant, food not memorable but kid friendly and great view.

    1. We just returned today and I wish I had a better report because we struck out at practically every meal. I can tell you what to avoid, though.

      Sicilian Spaghetti House looks like a nice place from the street, what with the flowers, covered dining porches and good view of the lake. The hostess and wait staff were very pleasant. Unfortunately, their food was reminisciint of eating at the bowling alley. Their lasagna featured thin, watery, tasteless sauce over pasta with no meat and a very small amount of cheese. The Sicilian pizza had that same sauce and practically no cheese. All we could think was the quest for profit margins had marginalized their kitchen.

      Don't even bother eating on the patio at the Georgian Lakeside. Impossibly slow service by an inexperienced waitress who had to be guided through the whole process. Fork and knife required a separate trip. Napkins another. Ketchup for my daughter's burger seem to stymy her completely. Eye rolling.

      Try Ali Baba's for a very nice gyro and friendly staff. The middle eastern couple next to us ordered what appeared to be a bread pillow with dipping sauce (Lavash and Tatsziki) and I could tell they were really enjoying it. If the rest of the menu is as good as the gyro, its a winner. A couple of doors down is Bob's Ice Cream for an after dinner treat.

      Something that looked very fun was a dinner cruise on the Lac St. Sacrament steamboat. We weren't in town long enough to partake, but the scenery is so beautiful, I'd bet it would overcome any problem with the food.

      Bob's Ice Cream
      285 Canada St, Lake George, NY 12845

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        Soxking, thanks for the report.

        Lake George is NOT known for its food.

        There is a decent lunch place near the outlets in Queensbury. Search is your friend :)

        Your post reminded me we still need to get to the Top of the World for dinner . . .

      2. we love to go to nettle meadow farm, the cheese makers give a great tour of their farm and the cheese is fantastic
        martha's has the best Ice cream and the Glen Drive in movie is a fun night retro style 2 movies to pick from and i think that its allways a double feature.